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Michigan: Southeast Lower Peninsula
South of West Branch, East of Lansing; includes Detroit, Flint, Midland
Fri, Dec 19: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)
Ok snow coverage on 1k of bucks run. No classic tracks hope for cold and snow because we are out of snow in the stock pile.
     - Adam haberkorn
Fri, Dec 19: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)
Working on spreading snow today and should have good conditions by 2:00
     - Adam
Wed, Dec 17: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)
The warm up has taken a hit on Bucks Run however, we still have a large pile of snow and will recoup the trail and will try and add the hill in the pine section as well. FYI the future groomer mentioned last week was the birth of my son: Beckham:)
     - Adam Haberkorn
Sun, Dec 14: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)
Buck's Run was the only skiing available, it was basically like the last day of skiing in the spring. Plenty of water on the trail, a few narrow spots, but the surface held up well. The man made snow stayed pretty fast, it was good to be on snow.
     - Allen Sogfenfrei
Sat, Dec 13: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)
Newly groomed this morning. Trail fast and controllable. Track was set for classic as well. Great to be out on snow! Go out and enjoy!
     - Jacque Cioma
Michigan: Northern Lower Peninsula
North of West Branch; includes Traverse City, Grayling, Gaylord, Tawas
Fri, Dec 19: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)
The VASA is groomed ! It looks like the entire trail system has been packed and rolled. Sorry no classic tracks yet as it is still a thin coat. Skate skied 16.5k from Prouty Rd. to TR to Rock to Wall to shortcut to 10k loop back to Prouty. Conditions surprisingly fast, but definitely use your rock skis. Extremely disappointed to find a multitude of deep fat bike ruts along the entire system. In fact, my wife took a hard fall, caught in a rut on a downhill.
     - Barry
Fri, Dec 19: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
We tried rolling the trails today, but there is just not enough snow. The ground is finally frozen so we just need a little more frozen precipitation and we should be ready to go. No skiing this weekend. The plan is to open on the 26th and remain open thru Jan 4th. Stay tuned for more information on the Demo Weekend - Fri Jan 2 to Sun Jan 4 !!!
     - Todd Hubbard
Fri, Dec 19: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
Our conditions are still doing good. Main trail that loops in the main part of the park is the best skiing. A few rough spots on the lit loop so use your rock skis. We predict that tomorrow will be the same conditions if we do not get any snow over night. Please note that on Sunday is the Thirst Mutilator Fat Bike Race here and will be going on from 12:00-2sh. The route does not include our main ski loops; however, it will cross over in a few places. Fun for all!
     - Kristin
Fri, Dec 19: Lost Lakes (Dubonnet) (Interlochen)
Beautiful sunny skies but very thin base compressed down to 1-2" max, some dirt, rocks & roots, so glad Paula Dreeszen & I had our "rock" skis. Next ski will be on a golf course again instead.

     - Sara Cockrell
Fri, Dec 19: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)
We received 3 inches of snow since Wednesday. There will be skiable snow on the practice field for lessons and free ski demos all weekend! *We are postponing the Kip Brady Ski Clinic, Mike Wagner/Swix wax clinic, and Yoga Ski Retreat that were set to take place this Saturday, Dec 20. Please stay tuned for the rescheduling dates. There WILL still be a free beginner ski lesson at 4:00pm on Saturday! The Let it Snow Sale is in full swing. We still have some close out 2014 Rossignol X-ium S2 skate skis on close out for $399 (list $700), plus a huge inventory of other skis and boots. As always you can demo any ski package for free before you buy. The Stone Turtle Day Lodge Cafe is up and running in full swing! On the menu is famous chili, Bosco Sticks, chocolate chip cookies and fresh paninis made on Stone House Bread from Traverse City. Great weekend to come over, demo some skis, eat a great lunch, and even get a ski lesson! All the best, -Lynne, Bob, Mariah, Stu, Fran, Brian, Matt, Erin, Sarah, Steve, Kerrigan and crew
     - Mariah
Thu, Dec 18: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)
Given that we only had 2-3 inches of snow after the rain/thaw this week the upper red and blue loops were in excellent shape for skating.
Thu, Dec 18: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
We received about 3" of snow at the Corner over the last 24 hours. We will roll the trails tomorrow morning, but don't anticipate there will be enough base to open. An update will be posted tomorrow afternoon.
     - Forbush Corner
Thu, Dec 18: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)
The Upper Red, Blue and Yellow trails are open and in early season condtion
     - Nubs Nob
Thu, Dec 18: Lost Lake Pathway at Lake Dubonnet (Interlochen)
Yesterday's 5 inches of fresh snow in Interlochen compressed to 4 inches today with only 1-3 inches on the trail. Much of yesterday's snow was stuck up in the trees! No rocks, but skis did contact some tree roots and sticks and we occasionally scraped down to soil through thin snow under pines. Used my no fuss waxless classic touring skis. Tracks left by hikers and a fatbiker did not spoil today's soft dry snow. Beautiful "winter wonderland" forest with blue sky.

     - Paula Dreeszen
Thu, Dec 18: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
Trails are open again! With the 3 inches of snow that fell here yesterday, was enough to pack and cover the trail again. There are not any bare spots but there are some very thin areas. Trails were groomed late lastnight.
     - Kristin
Mon, Dec 15: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)
Closed during this thaw until we get more snow.
     - Nubs Nob
Michigan: Upper Peninsula
Michigan: Upper Peninsula
Thu, Dec 18: Valley Spur (Munising)
We didn't get alot of snow over the top of the wet snow underneath so grooming has been a little challenging. Multiple passes with the Ginzu is yielding the best results. We are using the shallow track setter because there isn't alot to work with and the tracks are fair. Skate lanes are good everywhere except for on the H loop where they are still a little rough.G loop is the the only loop not groomed after the recent snow but will be done tomorrow am. Overall the conditions at Valley Spur this weekend will be great
     - Dan Rabine
Thu, Dec 18: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
Short Version: Skiers will find fresh grooming on Animoosh, Chiwagi (hill by-pass), Mukwa and the Noque’ all the way to Co. Rd. 510 including the pine plantation loop. The Way Too Long Version: You should ski today. To heck with the salt mine. I’m told it causes high blood pressure anyway. You can ski to Co Rd 510 and most (if not all) inner loops. The optics with light air and bright sun will be spectacular. The balsams are coated with frosting and look like sculptures. Sections of Animoosh look like a canyon with walls of snow. Last night after bar close we hit Animoosh, Chiwagi (via by pass) and Noque to 14k. . The early morning grooming included a run to Co Rd 510 and as much as he can get before dawn. As of press time the Wagi’s status was unknown.

Many sections were groomed with at least 3 passes with the Ginzu. Some of the wide section received 4 passes. The goal of multiple passes is to push out the air and add width. The classic tracks set up very nicely and the corduroy did lay out very well as the snow had just the right moisture content. The Ginzu rarely yields the mesmerizing perfection of Bombi grooming but it was very good last night. I expect the snow set up well given the time to sit and the cold temperatures and relatively high snow moisture content. Skaters may still find some “washing” effect under skate strides. I expect classic skiers will find firm pole plants under this new snow.
     - NTN
Wed, Dec 17: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
Short Version: Groomers are out this morning grooming all the way to Co Rd 510 plus Animoosh and Chiwagi via the by pass.

The Way Too Long Version: Those of us with short term memory issues have already forgotten what our driveway pavement looks like and I can’t even remember that other thing. It is winter again with just the right kind of snow to follow a thaw. Groomers had to wait until after first milking this morning for the base to set up and support the groomers. They set out about 7:00 am and will cover at least Animoosh, Chiwagi by pass and the Noque trail all the way to Co Rd 510. Early morning skiers will find this fresh grooming has not set and will “wash” from under the skate push. The pole set will be firm however as the base will have frozen and the new snow is only a few inches once groomed. Groomers first pass will be to roll and pack as snow is too deep to pull a Ginzu. Classic tracks will be set as soon as time permits. We will groom all trails heavily until this transforms into middle aged snow. Today will be fun, albeit soft, tomorrow will be far better and, by Saturday life will be wonderful. The six day forecast calls for highs and lows in the 20s and teens so once all trails are groomed we can expect great conditions to hold for quite a while.
     - NTN
Tue, Dec 16: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
Short Version: No grooming last night due to thaw conditions.

The Way Too Long Version: Groomers are pacing and twitching like a race horse in need of a run. It has been days since they were able to get cold and wet on a sled. The wait is almost over. Temperatures are now below freezing and the rain has turned to snow at the trail head. By the times things clear up we look to have 6” of new now returning us to mid-season conditions. Every ski season needs a few thaws. It is like bald heads on old men or pimples on teenagers; they keep us humble. The really bad thaws are not followed promptly by new snow. Not only are we getting snow but it is the right kind of snow. This snow event looks to bring wet snow that will stick to the old snow followed by progressively dryer snow. What a great thing. We would ask skiers to avoid the trails if still too soft to support your weight to avoid trail damage. So, some of you won’t have to wait as long as some of us, if you know what I mean. Late afternoon skiing in a blizzard sounds like a good reason to leave the office early. Good luck.
     - NTN
Ontario, Canada
Fri, Dec 19: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)
Conditions overall were so terrific it was impossible to get that snow-eating grin off my face for a single minute during this afternoon's skate. No fresh snow overnight and didn't seem to be a fresh grooming today on the 10K Pinder Trail system so parts of it were becoming mildly hard pack-ish without feeling slick or hard underfoot which just added a boost to yesterday's speed while it still retained 100% control-ability. My skate marks were the first in this afternoon's fresh corduroy installed on the 2K Kinsmen Lighted Loop. With comfortable temps of -4C under bright blue sky while "flying low" through snow-laden pine tree scenic snowscape there was nothing to not like. What little LF-7 remained on my skis was working well. Classic tracks were also fast according to those I saw kicking and gliding.
     - Jim Datsko
Fri, Dec 19: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)
Opening Weekend is here! With colder temperatures and a few inches of snow in the past few days the trails are looking good! We now have tracks set on the Stokely Trail, Peterson Trail to Sayer Creek Cutoff, Cora's Crossing, Evans Lake Trail to Jackrabbit Trail, Walker Lake Trail and Home Run Hill.
     - Sophie
Thu, Dec 18: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)
Skated the 10K Pinder system and the 2K Lighted Loop just before sunset today. The groomers did an excellent job refurbishing the trail and blending in the fresh 3" of snow received after the warm temps and rain of earlier this week - now it's like the warm-up never happened. Very good bordering on excellent conditions for skating and deep fresh tracks appeared to be excellent for classic. No risk to your #1 skis. About 1 and 1/2 feet deep in the woods. Sunny sky and mid-20's F were a special treat.
     - Jim Datsko
Thu, Dec 18: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)
Pinder and Kinsmen systems were groomed late yesterday. We are rollpacking the Red Pine and Crystal systems today, will update when these systems are open. We were fortunate not to loose all of our base depth (10 cm) with the mild weather. We recieved approximately 6 cm of fresh snow Tuesday evening to help freshen the trails. Cooler temps up til the weekend will help keep the trails open. Visit our website for ski conditions, updated daily by 9:00 am
     - Tina Bowen
Sat, Dec 13: Hiawatha Highlands (Sault Ste. Marie)
Skate skied around Pinder and the various trail extensions a handful of times this morning. Fast conditions! Trails are in good shape, starting to get a little icy on some of the down hills but still very manageable. Used my B skies but would have felt comfortable with the A skis. The tracks for classic looked to be in very good shape. Worth the drive up from Michigan. As a side note, skied the Algonquin Cross-Country Ski Trail yesterday just west of the Soo on the US side. Good coverage on the trails, classic tracks looked good, the skate lanes were a little soft but not bad.
     - Brad Plummer
Michigan: Southwest Lower Peninsula
South of West Branch, West of Lansing; includes Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Big Rapids, Cadillac

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No reports for this region
States East of Ohio
Includes New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

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