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Sat, Nov 22: Rendezvous Ski Trail (West Yellowstone)
Four or five inches of new snow overnight, gusty winds, 30 F. Trails groomed, Rendezvous, Dead Dog, Deja View, Volunteer, Jerry's, the Doodle, Biathlon Range, Biathlon Red, Orange and green, Washburn, Spencers, and the Kid's loops. Still some grass and a occasional dirt spot. Skate and classic in most places. Good skis with care.
     - Yellowstone Ski Festival
Michigan: Southeast Lower Peninsula
South of West Branch, East of Lansing; includes Detroit, Flint, Midland
Fri, Nov 21: Maybury State Park (Northville)
Maybury State Park Trail Work Day CANCELLED. I just received word that the trail work scheduled for Sat. 11/22 at Maybury has been cancelled, due to concerns about freezing rain. Thanks to anyone who considered coming out to help; you can use the time for your training instead! If the event is rescheduled, I'll post it.
     - Amy Kostrzewa
Thu, Nov 20: Kensington Metropark (Milford)
Well, my experience was somewhat different than Ken's: Tony Percha and Jay Woodbeck skated while 2 classic skied at 6:00pm. More snow had fallen from when Ken skied and we had a pretty good hour ski. The biggest problem was that a third of the way through, my waxless go anywhere super touring skis started icing. The last 15 minutes was more march than ski. Buthe the skaters had no issues. I think the east side of the golf course had better conditions. Still rock ski conditions however, or better skis if your careful and stay on the fairways.
     - Mike Muha
Thu, Nov 20: Kensington Metropark (Milford)
Kensington is skiable and that's about it. At 3:30 this afternoon there were non stop straight line winds of about 25mph. Any ridge had been blown clean of most snow. The fairways had an inch to six inches of fluffy snow mixed with leaves, twigs, etc. Many areas of instantly stopping on grass. I gave up after about 20 minutes. You'll help your skiing more by shoveling your driveway a couple of times, going to the gym, or waxing your skis. If you absolutely need to ski, go ahead, it can be done, but you'll regret every second.
     - Ken Roth
Thu, Nov 20: Huron Meadows (Brighton)
no grooming yet, but if we get any more snow tonight we may give it a shot on the grassy area in the morning. Snowmaking is underway to help insure we have good trails for early December.
     - Adam Haberkorn
Thu, Nov 20: Kensington Metropark (Milford)
We skied at Kens last night and it was quite good for mid November. The gate is closed, follow our tracks to the road, over the split rail fence and out to the fairway. We’ll be out again tonight…have fun…see you there.
     - Jon Morgan
Tue, Nov 18: Maybury State Park (Northville)
Help get YOUR ski trails ready!! Volunteer opportunity!! This Friends of Maybury State Park trail work day is "geared toward prepping for ski season", Saturday 11/22, 9am-noon, meet at shop (behind the Park headqurters Building, Beck Road entrance), clearing sides of the paved trail for CC ski grooming, bring warm clothes and gloves, hand tools will be provided. If you skied Maybury last winter, you know the great improvements in XC grooming going on there. Please consider volunteering a few hours to help get the trails ready for more great grooming by Trevor and crew! And THINK SNOW in SE Michigan!
     - Amy Kostrzewa
Michigan: Southwest Lower Peninsula
South of West Branch, West of Lansing; includes Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Big Rapids, Cadillac
Fri, Nov 21: Milham Park Golf Course (Kalamazoo)
Not groomed, just a few trails around the perimeter. Opted to head to pigeon Creek instead.
     - blair Zordell
Fri, Nov 21: Pigeon Creek (Grand Haven)
Skied in - trails are in good shape - not much dirt showing, leaves blown across in a few spots. Skied for about two hours this afternoon on no wax classics - really fun!. Enough leaves in the trail to keep you from using waxables, I believe. Looks like a few skaters out there, but not groomed, probably a lot of double poling today. Get out there before the rain hits!!
     - Blair Zordell
Thu, Nov 20: Muskegon Winter Sports Complex (Muskegon)
Good conditions. One inch of fresh snow over Wednesday nights rolling of the trails. Used rock skis but didn't break through to dirt and no dirt showing. Should be good until Saturday AM when the rain comes.
     - Tim Greening
Michigan: Northern Lower Peninsula
North of West Branch; includes Traverse City, Grayling, Gaylord, Tawas
Sat, Nov 22: Hanson Hills (Grayling)
Butch has rolled the green trail at least three times! Skied the last 6 days there. Plenty of snow coverage and just a few sticks and leaves... It's been awesome except for the pick up truck that keeps running some of the trail to get to his hunting spot.. Hope we catch him..He seems to be just minutes ahead of me. 8:30 am. Or so. Get license plate number if you can.. Black Ford extended cab. With a low topper over bed.. Buck sticker in upper left rear window..
     - Biker Bob
Sat, Nov 22: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
So sorry folks....we are closing Timber Ridge Trails while the big thaw passes thru. We have to ask that Season Pass holders honor this request. Water skiing is the appropriate description if you are out there skiing right now! Hoping to open trails back up on Tuesday. Please stay posted and we will put the word out when we will be open again.
     - Kristin
Sat, Nov 22: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)
It's time to get those skinny skis out! Otter Run, Outer Otter, Stag Hollow, XC Training Center and Jack’s Rabbit are packed and groomed. These trails will be open for skiing today.
     - Crystal Mountain
Sat, Nov 22: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)
100% of the trail system is packed and tracked and is open this weekend.
     - Nubs Nob
Sat, Nov 22: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
Correction: warm weather conditions as Temps warm up.
No rain here and none expected until late Sun.
     - Ginnis
Sat, Nov 22: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
Update:the trail is skiing well,expect warm wwater skiing. The big groomer pulled up some dirt on some corners, but they are easily skied around.
     - Ann Wagar
Sat, Nov 22: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
Trails groomed up beautifully with a nice skate lane and deep molded classic track. There is complete coverage, you can use good skis. The rain is not predicted here until late Sunday afternoon. Temps will rise to 36 today. Should be great skiing today.
     - Ann wagar
Fri, Nov 21: Muncie Lakes Pathway (Traverse City)
Muncie Lakes State Forest Pathway is now self-groomed to post #9 at the Boardman River & back, all 3 scoops! Howard Feits drove up from the Detroit area to join Michael Roberts & me for my 2nd trail-breaking ski, but another couple beat us to #8, where we left off yesterday, and crossed over for the return loop, so we only had to do #8-10, my favorite hills, ridge & river view! Rain, rain, go away; I want to ski another day!

     - Sara Cockrell
Fri, Nov 21: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)
Trails opened at noon today. Mercifully, Greg and Scott had only groomed Otter, Stag Hollow and Jack's Rabbit. They said it was only 6K, my internal odometer read way more than that. Either way it was mid-winter perfect. Do not pinch me, do not awake me from this mid-November skiing dream.
     - Tim Furbacher
Fri, Nov 21: Forbush Corner (Frederic)
Several, many, lots, I can't believe it's not even Thanksgiving yet - all ways to describe the incredible snowfall here at Forbush Corner. Larry is in the process of plowing the parking lot and tilling the trails in prep for skiing tomorrow. The plan is to let the snow firm up tonight and to plate in the morning. Early season trail passes for just $8.
     - Todd Hubbard
Fri, Nov 21: Hanson Hills (Grayling)
Green Trail has been rolled. We have 2 inch base with marginal coverage in spots.. Unfortunately with the Firearm season in effect we have been getting a lot of Truck/illegal hunting traffic on our ski trails. (must be that 12pt. buck running around) We would love to roll more trail but are going to hold off to keep everyone out of harms way. Local authorities have been contacted. We are excited for this new season!! Also, butch will be rolling the new Fat Bike Trail today as well, for all you dual sport athletes!
     - Justin Andre
Fri, Nov 21: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)
We received some serious snow showers yesterday and packed the Rolling Hills trail in the morning and afternoon. The result is that if you use your “not so perfect skis” and wear a very orange coat or vest and ski mostly in the middle of the day the conditions will be OK. The Blizzard practice area is also packed but it did not turn out as well as the Rolling Hills trail.

Today we officially open the Stone Turtle Day Lodge and will be serving Famous Spicy Chili and a variety of Stone House Bread Paninis.

The weather for today is calling for partly cloudy skies with a high of 24F. Tonight the low will be 17F.

Saturday is forecast to be a high of 37F with a 30% chance of showers and possible freezing rain early.
     - Cross Country Ski Headquarters
Fri, Nov 21: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)
     - larry snelling
Thu, Nov 20: Muncie Lakes Pathway (Traverse City)
Muncie's tracks had filled with snow, so took turns breaking trail with Paula Dreeszen & Roseanne Jamrok to post #8, where Kate Easlick met us, then turned back to ski in our tracks in the afternoon sun! Will try to get another group to help self-groom the rest of the trail tomorrow. One of my favorite backcountry xc ski trails!

   6-8" snow but packed, only 1-2". No rock skis needed today, but used my Rossi BC 65s again. Kate needed a scrapper & some EZ Glide.
     - Sara Cockrell
Thu, Nov 20: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
We have just set classic tracks and the trail conditions are just awesome! We have been getting lake effect snow off and on since last night, so another 2 inches of snow since yesterday.
     - Kristin
Wed, Nov 19: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
We have rolled our trails and have been keeping up with packing the snow. As of today, we have gotten about 8-10 inches of snow since last week. There are no bare spots on the trail. Lots of oak leaves though. We have had a lot of skiers out in the past 2 days which is really helping with the trail packing and conditions. No tracks are set yet, but hoping to have some by the weekend. We have season passes available: Single $99 and Family $139... you can purchase when you come in to ski for the first time or purchase your pass online We also have day passes available for $7 until Dec 1 when the day pass will go up to $10 ($3 of which we donate to the TART trails). We have temporary hours right now and the lodge is open from 9am - 4pm M-S, Sunday 9am - 3pm. We will have extended hours after the Thanksgiving Holiday.
     - Kristin
Wed, Nov 19: Lost Lakes (Dubonnet) Pathway (Interlochen)
Another great backcountry xc ski midday with friends. The tracks Paula & I made yesterday were well-skied on loop #1, filled with snow on loop #2, and Kate Easlick had plenty of energy to break trail on loop #3. Got to decide which day to do Muncie Lakes before the warm-up & rain this weekend. I am so grateful to be able to ski again!

   No rock skis necessary.
     - Sara Cockrell
Tue, Nov 18: Timber Ridge (Traverse City)
The Timber Ridge system has been rolled and conditions are very good. No classic track. The lodge was open as well today. The High School teams were out in force.
     - Curt Peterson
Tue, Nov 18: Lost Lakes SF Pathway (Dubonnet) (Interlochen)
Self-groomed loops #1 & 2 with Paula Dreeszen midday. Hard work through 6-8" of heavy snow but no hunters. Hopefully, other trail users won't ruin our tracks before I can break trail on the 3rd loop tomorrow!

   I used my no-wax Backcountry 65s, and decent glide once skied in a track.
     - Sara Cockrell
Tue, Nov 18: Deerfield (Kalkaska)
too much snow! can't groom, but i can slog thru breaking trail. big dump expected the next day or two, then a thaw the next week. hope to build a durable base to survive the heat.
     - bob eifler
Mon, Nov 17: Grandview (Kalkaska)
Jack K reported by email: "Skied Grandview today. Very good conditions with two inches of fluff on settled snow. Was colder than last Fri but good glide.

I saw no hunters or deer blinds. There was some idiot that tore the place up with a four wheeler but that problem should go away with deepening snow. If you stay within an 11 to 3 window, there should be no problem.

Forecast is for 2 to 5 inches tonight and 2 to 7 during the day tomorrow."
     - Sara Cockrell
Mon, Nov 17: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)
Kathy P reported on fb: "Acme Creek and VASA trail, back on skis, kind of a slow, sticky slog but great to be out there!"

     - Sara Cockrell
Mon, Nov 17: Muncie Lakes Pathway (Traverse City)
Sue M reported on fb: "Got the old boards out today...beautiful out at Muncie but sticky and SLOW! The snow was deep enough but it was NOT good skiing...took my skis off the last 2 miles and walked!"

     - Sara Cockrell
Mon, Nov 17: Deerfield (Kalkaska)
day 8. beautiful blue conditions! 3" fluff on a fragile base. an extralong layer of blue kicker works great. fine linear rill preffered. many of our deer are traveling singlefile - a comment on the brutal morbidity of last winter
     - bob eifler
Michigan: Upper Peninsula
Michigan: Upper Peninsula
Sat, Nov 22: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
We groomed Noque to 14k, Animoosh and Mukwa last night for skate and re-set the classic tracks. I must apologize to skiers looking for more variety of groomed trails. We have had a series of equipment failures and hope to have the cleared up in the near future. Today through Monday evening look to be a thaw so groomers will have to be parked. It looks to be a short lived affair with cloud cover so we will weather it just fine. Monday evening is forecast to snow so we may not even get the icy back end of the freeze/thaw cycle.
     - NTN
Fri, Nov 21: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
We groomed Noque to 14k, Animoosh and Mukwa last night for skate and re-set the classic tracks. Although not likely to be “race ready” hard, trails must be firming up by now after the heavy snow. Very cold temperatures last night will have aided that process. Today looks to spectacular weather so I trust some of us will play hooky. Tonight through Monday evening look to be a thaw so groomers will have to be parked. It looks to be a short lived affair with cloud cover so we will weather it just fine. Monday evening is forecast to snow so we may not even get the icy back end of the freeze/thaw cycle.

Skiers are reminded that Michigan’s fire arm Deer Hunting season runs through the 30th. If you do choose to ski you must wear blaze orange. Please do not disturb hunters. It is not only a courtesy but the law.
     - NTN
Thu, Nov 20: Noquemanon Trail-Forestville (Marquette)
Light snow overnight will be nature’s grooming for skiers today. It is always hard to know what is the perfect plan for the evening’s grooming. With snow in the forecast one hates to waste fuel and manpower when it will go for naught. An ideal world would have about 1.5” of snow every night to fill in the skate marks, freshen the classic surface and yet not so much as to ruin either. I think we may have received that perfect snowfall last night. Please provide feed back by replying to this email if we did or did not have good skiing today. Sadly, I am stuck at the salt mine and not skiing.

Weather looks spectacular tomorrow. Tonight we will groom at least all trails that we groomed Tuesday night (Animoosh, Noque to 14k and Chiwagi via the hill by pass). Those trails should begin to set up and may even be fairly firm in some areas already. I am particularly anxious to get the hills on Chiwagi and all of Bagwagi groomed so they are next on the list. We will concentrate on areas within 14k until after fire arm deer season. The areas beyond 14k are popular hunting grounds.

Skiers are reminded that Michigan’s fire arm Deer Hunting season runs through the 30th. If you do choose to ski you must wear blaze orange. Please do not disturb hunters. It is not only a courtesy but the law.
     - NTN
Tue, Nov 18: Valley Spur (Munising)
Another lake effect snowstorm Mon. night where we received 9"+ of powder. Groomers rolled that out this a.m. and set some track. Scenery is great with snow on the trees. Linda is trying to pack down the snowshoe trail, but not much relief as more snow Thurs! Definitely plenty of snow for great skiing Thanksgiving weekend.
     - John Gierke
Ontario, Canada
Sat, Nov 22: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)
Yesterday I skied the Stokely trails for the first time this early in the season. I have never skied before Thanks Giving, but Stokely has lots of snow. Our groomers are out packing and rolling the trails. They have set track for about 5 miles for the eager beavers like myself. I went out late in the afternoon and saw the beautiful orange sunset as i returned. Stokely ski conditions are as good as peak of the winter season.
     - Stokely Creek

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