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Overall 2018 Michigan Cup Winners

Tue, Mar  20, 2018 - By Mike Muha

Another season over! Three races on man-made snow. Two races moved to a different venue. Three races cancelled. Two races shortened. It just made the season more interesting!

2018 Final Results (all PDF files)

If you want to just find out how well YOU did this season, check out the PDFs below. They contain all the details of glory and defeat:

Overall Michigan Cup Champions

Ted Roe and Mary Lyon topped the junior standings. Both have been top competitors on the Michigan Cup circuit for a long time. Lyon is a 2018 Michigan High School Championship - the third year in a row where she was a State Champion.

Rebecca Davis (Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop) and Sam Holmes (Vasa Ski Club) took Michigan Cup titles at the senior level. 

Overall RankNameTeamTotal

Junior Men

1 Ted Roe VASA 937
2 Ryan Miller VASA 909
3 Noah Robitshek VASA 818

Junior Women

1 Mary Lyon VASA 976
2 Kelly Klettner VASA 952
3 Arielle Jean VASA 848

Senior Women

1 Rebecca Davis HH/CCSS 997
2 Brenda Carlson HH/CCSS 985
3 Cheryl Darnton CCSH 970

Senior Men

1 Sam Holmes VASA 1,000
2 Kyle Hanson NSR 996
3 Milan Baic VASA 993

 Michigan Cup cross country skiers

The Top 10% Club

The top 10% of the skiers in each age classification received a pin denoting that membership in this year's elite 10% Club. Don't have your pin yet? Talk to your team captain! 2018 Michigan Cup Top 10% Medal Winners

Classic Champions

Besides overall champions, Rebecca Davis and Sam Holmes were also the top classic skiers. Rebecca doublepole her way to a perfect score of 600 in the classic "Best Three Classic Races" competition.

Overall Classic RankNameTeamTotal

Senior Women

1 Rebecca Davis HH/CCSS 600
2 Brenda Carlson HH/CCSS 585
3 Elle Callison UM 564 

Senior Men

1 Sam Holmes VASA 599
2 Kyle Hanson NSR 599
3 Michael Davis HH/CCSS 592

Freestyle Champions

Make it a rout for Sam Holmes: Best Overall, Best Classic, and Best Freestyle Skier. Brenda Carlson took the women's honor in the "Best Three Freestyle Races" competition.

Overall Freestyle RankNameTeamTotal

Senior Women

1 Brenda Carlson HH/CCSS 970
2 Cheryl Darnton CCSH 970
3 Daniela Gebhardt HH/CCSS 964

Senior Men

1 Sam Holmes VASA 998
2 Glenn Goodman VASA 975
3 Steve Smigiel Jr GRNST 973

Michigan Cup cross country ski racers

Total Points Winners

This award should be renamed the "Energizer Bunny Award": How many races can you do? Although Brenda Carlson and Glenn Goodman accumulated the most points (a great strategy to block others from getting more points - assuming you don't totally wear yourself out), Rick Neier raced in the most events: 13 races!

Overall RankNameTeamNumber of RacesTotal

Senior Women

1 Brenda Carlson HH/CCSS 11 2,100
2 Gwen Stevenson CCSH 10 1,577
3 Gussie Peterson VASA 9 1,531

Senior Men

1 Glenn Goodman VASA 12 2,320
2 Rick Neier CCHS 13 2,150
3 Eric Parrott GRNST 12 2,064

Overall Michigan Cup Team

The overall Michigan Cup Team Champion? It's the Vasa Ski Club. But how did the other teams rank? Well, were still waiting on the final tally, which combines senior, junior, relays, and participation points. Stay tuned...