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Sprinting is the Shiznitch


Fri, Mar  23, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Stockholm and Overall ranking

Andrew Newell ends the season ranked 6th on the World Cup and first on the FIS List.

Kikkan Randall ends the season ranked 12th on the World Cup.

Torin Koos ends the season ranked 19th on the World Cup.

That's three of our skiers in the red goup.  And Kris Freeman is currently 32nd with one race to go. 


Kikkan Randall in Stockholm.


"Winning is winning, but losing makes you dig deep."  (Frank McCourt).  Chris Cook battling through times that are not easy.  But to do less then as best you can on the day, everyday, is to lose all hope of ever making it.  Dig.  Dig.  Dig.


And you get up in the morning... Odd Bjorn getting up but not getting in to the rounds this time.


You got to get into it a little bit.  Get into it with a face like a wild nut and even then you don't always get in to the rounds.


This is why sprinting is the shiznitch.  Fans and fighting from the gun and everything you do matters and even your boot size could make the difference.


Road time.  A fact of life.  Learn to live it.


We have done well.  But have no illusions.  There is hard, hard work to come and lots of it.

Train hard.  Train well.  Enjoy the process. 


(all photos by Phil Bowen.  Please see and also

Thanks Phil!  Welcome back next year.

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