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Birkie trail projects moving forward

Thu, Aug  27, 2009 - By Birkie

The following trail projects announced last month are moving forward:

  • The bridge located in Duffy's field, about ¼ mile before the Birkie reaches Lake Hayward is being replaced. The old wooden bridge was no longer safe and has been removed. New concrete abutments are in place and the steel I-beam supports will be installed by mid-September. Installation of the wooden deck with railings will follow. The new 54' bridge will span a trout stream and will be completed by late Fall. We share the bridge with snowmobiles and it will become part of a new walking-running-bicycling trail. Two DNR trail grants and several generous donations are covering much of the $72,000 cost.
  • We've begun remodeling the "OO" warming cabin. The changing room side of the building is being expanded. Both sides of the building structure will have wooden storage cubes for daily use, and new tables and seats will be installed. Deconstruction has been completed and the project should be completed before the Birkie Trail Run.
  • Logging has begun to allow expansion of the parking area on the north side of the "OO" trail head. Heavy use this past winter created the need for the expansion to assure safety of trail users. The expanded lot will accommodate an additional 120+ cars. The expanded area will be planted to vegetation rather that graveled since most use will be in the winter.
  • The Fall mowing of the Birkie, Birkie Classic and Kortelopet trails will begin in early September.
  • Two corners at C24K+ and C25K on the Classic Trail will be reworked in the Fall well in time for the ski season. 

These projects are part of our continued effort to maintain and improve our trail facilities. You can help by becoming a Birkie Trail Friend. More information is available here.