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Nordic workout day at Boyne Mountain, Saturday, October 24

Mon, Oct  19, 2009 - By Hap Wright

Boyne Mountain LogoNordic workout day at Boyne Mountain, Saturday, October 24, 2009. Free!

Sponsored by Hap Wright, the Boyne Mountain cross country staff, and the Straits Striders southern division.

Informal agenda:

Meet at the Boyne Mountain Cross Country Center Sat. Morning 10:00-11:00am. The building will be open for changing rooms & rest rooms.

  1. Ski pole walk on our trails. 
  2. Roller skiing - several courses: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Maps furnished. 
  3. Kayak on deer lake
  4. Mountain or road bike: beginner, intermediate, and expert courses, maps furnished. Yes, you can do “grinder” or “the wall”.
  5. Trail run: maps furnished
  6. Test your fitness level on the “trail from hell”
  7. Barbeque grills furnished. Feel free to bring a dish to pass for the afternoon potluck. We can use the building for this if necessary.
  8. Daily spa pass can be purchased to help eliminate lactic acid complications after the workout.
  9. Kids workouts: mountain bike a.m., ski pole hike p.m. The water park will be open that day.

Questions?  Email Hap Wright at or call 231-675-5205.