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White Pine Adds Retro-Classic 10K Event

Wooden ski race!

Wed, Nov  9, 2005 - By White Pine Stampede

Wooden Skis and old gear are coming back! As part of our 30TH Anniversary celebration the 2006 White Pine Stampede offers a special event, The RETRO-CLASSIC. Three separate prizes will be given: for best representation of either ski gear, or ski wear, circa 1970's, and a third prize for winning an actual race, First Wooden Ski's to cross the finish line in our 10km event.

The Best Retro Gear category is not limited to wooden skis but you'll need period skis, bindings and boots to place and probably really old poles to win!. Best Retro Ski Outfit can be anything you choose: the old ski knickers and sweater you never threw away or a costume outfit that speaks to the '70s. Be creative for this one. Have fun. Make the judges laugh! Those choosing to enter in the Best Retro Gear, or the Best Retro Outfit categories can choose any distance event you prefer. The First Wooden Ski's category is a 10km event only.