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First ten days

Tue, Nov  17, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

 Andy Newell in the 10km classical.  We are using these races and the first part of this period for training and race preparation.  But don't think that means we don't do anything other than race as fast and hard as we can.  Because that is what we're doing.  Training has been very solid, nothing crazy, just solid good training.  More ski pictures to come, but first we have to get there....

Munich to Denmark 10 days ago.

From Denmark to Sweden.

 Southern Sweden.



Joakim's barn where all our wax stuff as well as the van's racks for the skis and so on spent the summer.  Joakim and I went for a run with the 13 - 16 year old IFK Mora kids.  The run was 2:15 for the longest group through marsh and rocky terrain with a few good climbs.  The pace was slow for much of it but harder for the climbs and marshy sections.  It was the longest run they'd done all summer and the longest ever for most of them (I rode a mtn bike along as my knees don't run).  After that we put the stuff in the van and I was off to Norway.

On the Vasa road from Mora to Salen and then over the mountains to Norway.

One of the sharp corners... check out the snowy trees.  It has been beautiful training here in Beitostolen.  As a group we've done a good amount of intervals and distance as well as maintained strength training.  Otherwise it has been simple living: eat, sleep, train for the most part and also we've been playing some instruments together just for fun, using ice baths for recovery, and generally having a mellow good time living the life.  Of course all the athletes have their own projects going on and the staff our own as well (including a fair bit of the old ski waxing).  It is a good life.

...been caught slipping...

Kikkan coming around on the inside.

Kikkan mixing it up.

Torin Koos and the crowd of 6.


Kris Freeman.

The schedule.

Heading to the finish.

Now we have a good week of training leading into the World Cup races here next weekend.  It is a great thing to not have to pack up the wax room, the rooms and get in the van to drive after a three day weekend of racing.  That's saved for next weekend and many more after that.

Train hard, rest well.

Train hard, rest well.

Train hard.  Well, I repeat myself.

Check out the snow falling!  Beautiful Norwegian evening.  Photos by Liz Stephen and Pete Vordenberg.  Sorry I - or we - couldn't get more race shots, esp of Liz, Morgan and Kikkan.  It just gets hectic, especially with the race day weather, which was wet falling snow changing to rain.  I certainly don't aim to take more shots of the boys then the ladies, but sometimes it just works out that way.

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