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If the Noque Were Held Today...

Tue, Jan  17, 2006 - By Jon C. Mommaerts

Skiers are already wondering if there will be enough snow for the Noquemanon Ski Marathon. Here's what Jon Mommaerts (Executive Director for the Subaru Noquemanon Ski Marathon) has to say about it...


First of all, the race isn’t for two weeks. However, that being said.  If the race were today, we would have a full 51k race.  Here is what would need to be done to accomplish that:

  1. We have very good snow depth from the start of 51km all the way to 5km to go. 
  2. In that first 46km, we need some cutting of trees that have fallen; need to do some very minimal shoveling on one hill and would have icy conditions on the basin crossing.  The basin crossing has about 2 inches of snow, so we could use a bit more.  (We have received 3” overnight since this was written).
  3. From the start of the half marathon to 5km to go, we are in fantastic shape with the exception of having to shovel some snow on the hill just before the 8km to go mark.  The ponds are also a bit icy, but there is snow out there.
  4. The final 4km has a solid icy and snow base, so we have coverage and it is skiable the whole way to the dome.  There are a few small stretches that would require rock skis to pass.  However, with a dozen to 2 dozen truckloads of snow, we would have great conditions all the way to the dome.

Fortunately our trail has been tuned extensively over the past few years, so our need for snow is less every year.  Also, we have had to haul snow to these light areas in the past, so this is nothing new for us. 

Again, we are still 2 weeks prior to race day.  We have gotten fresh snow, and are anticipating more today, so we will be in fantastic shape.  Bottom line, we are in great shape at this point.  We are hoping for a bit more snow to save on some volunteer time, but the race will go on.  These last two weeks often bring us great snowfalls!

Jon C. Mommaerts
Executive Director for the Subaru Noquemanon Ski Marathon