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Kraftstaven - the pole of the future?

First Look - Video

Wed, Jul  30, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Thanks for Joe Gollinger for notifying me about this new pole.

Kraftstaven cross country ski poleThe Kraftstaven is a new carbonfiber ski-pole with a different type of ergonomical approach. Rather than a straight shaft, or a straight shaft with an offset tip, the Kraftstaven shaft is offset at the top using a long curved pole section that effectively causes the pole to plant behind where a normal pole plants (at least that's what it looks like to me....).

According to the inventors, the ski-poles new revolutionazing form actuates more muscle-groups during the push-off than with a regular old pole. Using this ski-pole produces a power-movement that is similar to the technic used when rowing, but with a higher starting point. The fact that the wrist no longer needs to be bent helps the muscle movement.

Kraftstaven cross country ski pole

The enhanced movement makes it possible to use a longer ski-pole than what was used before - up to 20 cm longer. The inventor suggest that using a longer ski-pole provides advantages over using a shorter pole, when looking at the isolated movement during the push-off with the pole. These advanatges include both lower pulse rate and lower lactic acid levels.

After 10 years of product development, Kraftstaven made its debut in Vasaloppet 2006. FIS approved Kraftstaven the same year. After further development of Kraftstaven during summer/spring of 2006, the new version of Kraftstaven - the "Elite 07" - was introduced to the market in January 2007.

The video below is of Bo Lerner, inventor and owner of Kraftstaven, explaining the benefits of using Kraftstaven in all sports were a pole is required: