Last two days

Trail reports from ALL regions

Sun, Feb 26: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

After a 24 hr drive home from CO & a wk of skiing at 9-11,000 ft in backcountry skis, skiing the VASA was almost too EZ! Thanks to the TART groomers for the great corduroy & deep classic tracks. I skied my favorite loop one more time from TR to the Special K, 10k to the 25k, Wall Bypass, Jackpine & back, a heavenly afternoon on my light touring EVO skis. The tracks are wearing thin in some spots, but the only dirt on the trail was at the bottom of the Middle Sister (next to the temp guage) in Jackpine. A short section of the 10k that I skied between the powerline & the 10/25k split was rough & dirty. There were many other skiers out enjoying the new snow after last wk's warmup. Hoping for one more of the same tomorrow morning!

- Sara Cockrell

Sun, Feb 26: Nubs Nob (Harbor Springs)

Silky corduroy and a sweet track on the upper loops this morning at Nubs after 6" of fresh snow in the past couple of days. Should be a fantastic week of skiing out there.

- Zach Jonker

Sun, Feb 26: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

We left from Timber Ridge and went toward the rock. It was really nice going that way, Jack Pine was nice. Once we got to the "wall bypass" things were a bit rough on the trail and the hills were icy & rough. We headed back on the 10K and there were some pretty rough, hard chunky icy spots. The Special K was decent. After last weeks weather it was nice to be out but the best part of the trail is out from Timber Ridge.

- Jody

Sun, Feb 26: Valley Spur (Munising)

Ginzu groomed the entire system this morning. A little fresh snow fell between 8 and 10am but nothing significant. Lots of Happy skiers out enjoying the beautiful winter day. Thanks to all the Berkie skiers that stopped by and skied with us this weekend!

- Dan Rabine

Sun, Feb 26: Huron Meadows Metropark (Brighton)

We’re not pulling the plug on the ski season yet, but…We’re scheduling the Groomer Appreciation Party.
Sunday, March 26th at Huron Meadows Clubhouse. Noon. We’ll provide a base layer of food. Please bring a dish to pass or beverages to supplement our base. (No alcohol may be brought into the park)
We’re asking for a $5/person donation to offset the cost of gifts and food. Any extra goes into the groomer fund.
Yes, this has been a rocky year. But, because of the constant freeze/thaws, the folks at HMMP have actually worked harder than ever to bring us what skiing we have had.
Let’s make sure they know, and that the park knows, that this work is appreciated.
See you March 26th.
Ken & Amy.

- Ken Roth

Sun, Feb 26: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Amy and I skied everything that was opened and groomed. We started at 9 AM and followed the groomer. It was fun, scenic and superb ski conditions. It was like the thaw didn't happen. Thanks Crystal for keeping the trails open and accessible.

- Karen

Sun, Feb 26: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Groomed everything again today including Eagles but not Otter. Turned out great. It's been snowing off and on since I started this morning so I will be out again tomorrow. As long as we keep getting snow and the temps get cold at night we should be able to hang in there a while longer, Hope to see you out here. Kathloon

- kathymaginity

Sun, Feb 26: Hanson Hills (Grayling)

Skied all the loops. Solid base with some fresh snow on top. Good skiing.


Sun, Feb 26: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

World class grooming and skiing going on right now at Forbush. All lanes are open!

- Michael Bourassa

Sun, Feb 26: Boyne Mountain (Boyne Falls)

Some great skiing with the fresh snow the last couple of days! Most trails are open again with some thin spots to keep an eye out for. The classic track yesterday from Christmas to Lillehammer was fantastic! Skating today should be excellent too with the fresh grooming this morning! We have closed Innsbruck due to some very thin areas on downhills.

- David Austin

Sun, Feb 26: Swedetown (Calumet)

Cool and windy, 8 inches of fresh snow, the groomers were out, tracks were fast, but getting blown in at many spots. Lots of people on the trails, many rerouting from the Birkie.
Plenty of great skiing, still time to sign up for the Great Bear Chase. Rex blue and Blue extra kick was fantastic.

- Allen Sorgernfrei

Sun, Feb 26: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Great skiing yesterday. Around 3-4 inches of fresh snow. Regrooming this A.M. to freshen tracks and firm the skate lane. 40% off attire and other soft goods; 30% off equipment. Great sale!

- Ginnis

Sun, Feb 26: Stokely Creek (Goulais River)

The next 2 weeks are the busiest of the season at Stokely. There is new snow and groomers are out on the trails. Glad our base has helped us out this winter. Llooking for a few days of great skiing? Stokely is the place with continued good conditions.

Gaylen and Susan and Groomers Alex, Jonathan and Bob


Sun, Feb 26: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

We received snow throughout the whole day yesterday, which continues to help coat the hardpack on the trails with a skiable surface. The temps stayed well below freezing throughout the day, even staying in the teens last night, which is helping to reestablish a cold ground. Groomer James snow combed the Rolling Hills, Trappers Cabin, Mackinaw Cut, and Wild Turkey trails yesterday afternoon. While this grooming effort did help scrape up the hard pack and create decent conditions in many places on the trails, there is still quite a bit of ice out there, and skiers are advised to use caution. Tractor Bob is going to take the carbide-tip presider out on the practice area and Blizzard trail this morning to grind up the ice, which should yield great results.

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-Mariah, Stu, Bob, Lynne, Fran, Erin, Ryan, Matt, Michelle, George, Lexi, Dana, Gage, Grant, Heidi, Jim, James, Jose, and the Crew

- Mariah Frye Colie

Sat, Feb 25: Black Mountain (Onaway)

Got in a ski on Friday, snow was fresh and damp, I broke trail for a few yards, then picked up a trail from a couple of skiers, caught them after a while, Track and John were pre grooming, getting the sticks off the trail. A good ski, About 6 inches of snow, should make for a good trail this week.

- Allen Sorgenfrei

Sat, Feb 25: Vasa Trail (Traverse City)

Did a big loop today from Timber Ridge out to the Bridge, round the Nip, past the Rock and returned on Riley's. Good dry snow all the way but The only fresh groom was Riley's . Otherwise crusty and ridged beneath the powder. All pretty fast except the uphills, I don't do well climbing in 3-5 inches of powder. Once groomed should be great as little no as the temps hold. Only a few areas were icy and on Rileys here and there some dirt and debris showing.

- John T.

Sat, Feb 25: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Wonderful. Tremendous grooming. Deep tracks. Best skiing in a long time.

- Frank Nizio

Sat, Feb 25: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Skied late afternoon. Trails were fabulous. That white cement "instabase" that fell Thursday night got topped by 3-4" of regular ol' snow through the day today.
I skated the flats & the hills on a nice firm deck with a couple inches of fresh on top that had fallen since Kathy groomed.
Most amazing were the perfect looking classic tracks that Kathy was able to lay down.
A miracle considering the sorry state the trails were in on Thursday.



Sat, Feb 25: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Made it up in all the hills except for Eagles. They turned out fabulous. I'll be re-grooming again tomorrow morning. So come on out before it's gone again. Kathloon

- kathy maginity

Sat, Feb 25: Cross Country Ski Headquarters (Higgins Lake)

As of 3:45pm we have enough snow on top of the hard pack to start grooming! Groomer James will be taking the Ginzu around all trails except Tall Pines to snow comb the skating lanes. Skiers and snowshoers have been venturing out all day, and have been reporting that much of the trails have "better than expected" snow conditions. There are some icy spots and thin spots, but overall it's remarkably good. We've gotten on-and-off snow all day today, and are confident that the Ginzu will create a really nice surface for skating and classic for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Get your Fill at the Grill is the lunch special today and tomorrow. Local grass-fed beef burgers, salmon burgers, and black bean veggie burgers are on the menu. Ask for it "Fire on the Mountain" style if you can stand the heat!

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- Mariah, Stu and crew

Sat, Feb 25: Valley Spur (Munising)

Groomed our entire trail system twice today due to heavy snowfall throughout the day. Trails are in great condition.

- Dan Rabine

Sat, Feb 25: Black Mountain (Onaway)

Several inches of new snow has fallen at Black Mountain, so classic and skate skiing is available. Rolled grooming is tentatively scheduled for Sunday morning. Temperatures are currently below freezing with snow flurries, so conditions are currently favorable for good cross country skiing. Will continue to watch weather conditions this week and update as needed if there are any changes. Come out and enjoy the new snow at Black Mountain!

- Jim Soubly

Sat, Feb 25: Crystal Mountain (Thompsonville)

Ye Ha! We're back in business. I took the tidd tech out and got a pretty good track set-best I got in a long time. The skating lanes are soft. It is still snowing so it's filling back in. Haven't been in any of the hills yet. Call the nordic center for the latest updates. Kathloon

- kathy maginity

Sat, Feb 25: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

The grooming went very well - so Groomer Larry decided to groom both East and West systems (Badlands, Rollercoaster, Green, West, Back 40). It's great today and should be great tomorrow too.

- Ginnis

Sat, Feb 25: Forbush Corner (Frederic)

Our base has survived the melt down and is in good shape. We have light snow falling and may get 1 to 3 inches today. Larry is out trying to groom up some of the flatter sections. If he can groom the hills without tearing up the snow on the hills he will. Even ungroomed skiing will be good, skating will probably be best in the ungroomed section. Good skiing today, tomorrow will be even better. 40% off on all soft goods and 30% off all hard goods. Remember if you want to place a pre-order on skis please do so before March 11th.

- Ann Wagar