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Try Swix F4 for a Quick Wax job

Swix Wax Tips

Mon, Nov  13, 2006 - By Phil White, Colorado Racing Service

This is the time of year when we can’t wait to put our new skis on the snow, but how can you keep your new skis “like new”?

The best way to take care of your bases is to iron in glide wax, scrape and brush, then do it again. In the real world this doesn’t always happen. You ski on Sunday on cold, abrasive snow and dry out your bases, then you (hopefully) put on your ski ties, slide them into a bag, and home you go. Next time you look at your skis, it’s Saturday morning, and they’re dry and you want to go ski, now.

What do you do?

SWIX F4 rub on waxes are made for you. While the F4 line includes liquids and pastes, the solid block of F4 is the answer. Just crayon on the F4 solid, which comes in a hexagonal 60 gram package. Cover the base completely. Then, turn over the package and use the cork on the back to rub in the wax.

While this solution will not replace hot waxing with an iron, it will keep your bases from drying out (oxidizing) during the week.

Then, when you have more time (Friday night), iron in some glide wax, and you’re ready for another weekend on the trails.