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Update from the Very Far North

Fri, Nov  10, 2006 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Kiruna, Sweden

Hello from the very far North.  Kris Freeman and I arrived in Kiruna on the 8th.  We flew through Chicago which is this year has been an ordeal every time.  But they do have good hotdogs at the airport.  After a hard charge (hotdog in hand) through the airport we did make our flight to Sweden.  Nothing like getting on the plane sweaty.  The next notable part of the voyage was the drive from Lulea to Kiruna which was, as always, icy and there were reindeer all over the roads.  The sprint crew saw the aftermath of a collision with a moose and it was reportedly gruesome and not just for the moose.The sprinters and Andrew Johnson joined us here yesterday (9th) after a great training camp in Ramsau, Austria where they actually got to ski in town which was unexpected.

It is only -7c here so not too cold.  It is clear and sunny - if you consider a sun that never rises more than a few feet over the horizon sunny.  It is light from something like 730 to 330 and dusk for most of that time.  We had some good northern lights last night.

We have about a 3km loop that is in really good shape and several hour plus loops that are a bit rougher.  The terrain is fairly mellow which is good.

We have great support from our sports science and medical team and so far everyone is healthy and in fine form.

Train well.  I will try to get some photos up as soon as I can get on the net with my own camera.

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