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Kiruna in Black White Color...

Mon, Nov  13, 2006 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Kiruna in "Black White Color"...and you won't know the difference.

Here's Black and White:

TT tree black and white.jpg

Here's Color.  I am not kidding.

TT tree in color.jpg

Kris Freeman.  6 hours, all lactates under 1mmol.

TT kris training kiruna long shot.jpg

Ski tracks Kiruna.  Kris out for a ski today... all day.

TT kris training kiruna.jpg

High noon.  No I'm not kidding.

TT kiruna high noon.jpg


A few skiers and a hundred thousand reindeer out in the woods.

TT kiruna landscape.jpg


Chris Cook,Wisconsin.  Sharpening up in a practice race.

TT cook tt kiruna.jpg

4:30 pm.  Kiruna,Sweden.

TT kiruna moon.jpg

Andy Newell. Outside Magazines 55th ranked person, place or thing.  3 hour ski.  Yeah, that's a skull mask - who is asking?

TT newell kiruna.jpg

6 finger jabs later...happy boy.

TT kris kiruna post training.jpg


Next weekend we have our second world cup of the season.  We have a distance skate race and a relay in Gallivare about an hour south of here.  Following Newell's top10 in the last world cup we're heading down stoked to give it all we can.

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