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Garrett's Ski Adventure

Wed, Nov  15, 2006 - By Spencer Ruffner

We found a DNR trail just west of Indian River this past Sunday. It worked out okay. With the heavy wet snow, there were quite of few tree limbs down in the path. I did some trail clearing while waiting for Garrett to catch up. We made a snow fort and had a great snow ball fight. Garrett had the fort so I lost.

We were able to get to the Cross Country Ski Shop and do the ski exchange for Garrett. He is growing like a weed and his feet just barely fit in his boots. He also got a pair of used skating skies. He is pretty excited about learning how to skate. We skied a bit at the Xcountry ski shop then headed home.
Garret points out the trail
Garret ruffner
Dad gets in the picture
Dad spencer ruffner
Winter Wonderland!
Winter wonderland!
Garret's Fort
Garret's snow fort