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Good Weather for Final Fall Duathlon


Mon, Nov  20, 2006 - By Mike Muha

As Dan Motowski and I set up the running course, the temperature was around 35F and the air was calm. We rerouted the old course in an attempt to make it easier to setup and tear down. For a small number of people, spending an hour painting lines and putting up signs was too much time!
We still spent almost 45 minutes on the new course...
The revised course was 2.8 miles long, with 330 feet of climbing - 21 feet more climbing than the old course.
Only Andy Stevens and I did the run - everyone else waited for the rollerski leg. Andy took off for an early lead and never looked back. Me? I DNF'd after 12:30 - my left knee was really sore, preventing me from running. While Andy finished his run in around 20 minutes, Dan Motowski and I walked behind, taking down signs.
During the run, the wind picked up and it started snowing. By the time the rollerski leg started, the pavement was wet with melted snow. Painted lines on the pavement were slick.
In the skate leg, Steve Kuhl finished first in 14:17, handily beating Hugh Pritchard's best time of 15:35 in the last duathlon. According to Dan, who watched the action (I had to leave for home for my father-in-laws birthday party), "Steve is looking better than ever - World Cup technique!"
All skiers skated the 5 km course:
  • Steve Kuhl - 14:17 (Eplex F1) 
  • Andy Stevens - ??:?? (Elpex F1)
  • Doug Heady - 17:21 (Marwe 610)
  • Aaron Tarnow - 17:30 (Marwe 610)
Hanging out before the rollerski section of the race.
 Andy Stevens
 Aaron Tarnow
Steve Kuhl 
Doug Heady