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New Vasa Race Director

Thu, Nov  23, 2006 - By North American Vasa

Bryce Dreeszen has been named Race Director for the 2007 North American Vasa. Pete LaPlaca, Vasa board president, said that "we are very pleased to have a quality individual like Bryce who has a strong organizational, sales and marketing background as part of the Vasa team. He also has experience as a competitive skier in big races in both the US and Europe."


Bryce's comments were:  "The 2006 Vasa was my first ever. I was greatly impressed with the quality of the race course, the race organization and the dedication of the volunteers and the Vasa Board. It's an honor for me to accept the Race Director position, and it is my goal to maintain the high standards that the Vasa has established in the cross country ski community over the past 31 years. I've skied races all over the Upper Midwest, including 11 American Birkebeiners, as well as the Norwegian Birkebeiner, and I expect the Vasa to offer no less than a world class skiing experience to everyone from the winner to the last skier to cross the finish line. I come to the Race Director position as an "Everyman" skier. Like 90% of the skiers on the course, I won't win my age group, but I love the racing experience and the opportunity to challenge myself against the clock."

The Vasa board would like to thank Pete Edwards who stepped in on an interim basis as Race Director last year. Pete will be helping out this year with the Jr. Vasa races and the traveling trophy competition that he initiated last year.