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Mike Temkin Gets Secret Training on Base Grinding

Sat, Dec  2, 2006 - By Zach Caldwell

Mike Temkin has successfully made the pilgrimage to the Engineered Tuning shop in VT to undergo a 36 hour apprenticeship in the secret craft of ski selection and tuning. He started this morning with some minor experiments on wax absorbtion in different base materials, and now he's operating the grinder. Learning the process from the base-up, you might say.
By the end of the day he'll be a fully qualified World Cup service technician. The only problem for me is that he'll be able to criticize my work.
The folks on the Michigan Cup series might have bigger problems...
[Hmmm...wonder who's going to have the best ski bases in this year's Michigan Cup??? Wonder if he'll work on my skis. -Mike Muha]