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5-6 Inches New Snow at Black Mountain

Fri, Mar  5, 2004

We picked up about 5-6 inches of heavy snow during the early morning hours today (Friday.) A Snow/rain combination continues to fall and will likely be mostly rain by this afternoon. Towards evening the temperatures are supposed to drop eventually hitting the below freezing mark by about 8-9 p.m.

We will start grooming at 11:00 p.m. toninght and continue until race time on Saturday. With this strategy we hope to minimize ice on the course. We are anticipating a good course with some spotty areas of snow build-up where the groomer has accumulated too much of the wet heavy snow to disperse evenly. Race temperatures are expected to be around 25 at race time.

Again, we are going to have an improvised starting area but it will not effect the overall race...It should be a good fast one! (But even on a fast day, this course will seem long to most!)