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CXC Does West Yellowstone SuperTour

Tue, Dec  5, 2006 - By CXC Skiing

The Bozeman SuperTour started with a freestyle individual sprint on Saturday and a team classic sprint on Sunday.  It was apparent that the Bozeman ski community went to great lengths to ensure the weekend sprints were a success.  The 1.2 kilometer course started with a 200 meter straight away and then had a short steep descent into a long gradual uphill.  The course twisted and turned – up and down throughout the middle of the course and then ascended back into the stadium to the finish.


The weekend started with the women’s qualifiers.  It was déjà vu from West Yellowstone. The results went Karin Camenish, Caitlin Compton and Laura Valaas in qualification.  These three rapidly moved through the quarters and semi finals.  Laura made a decisive move into the last transition and up the last hill to seal the win.  At the end of the day it was Laura Valaas, Karin Camenish and Caitlin Compton. Same order as West Yellowstone.

Caitlin Compton – Women’s Quarter Final


The men also skied well. Garrott Kuzzy qualified second and Brian Gregg qualified seventh.  Garrott and Brian were in the same quarter final, semi final and B final.  The semi final was tightly contested.  James Southem, Eric Strable and Garrott Kuzzy had a photo finish.  The video displayed that Garrott was third across the line and hence bumped out of the A final.  Brian Gregg made a gutsy move in the B final by taking the lead and opening a gap on the field. Garrott was able to reel him in.  They opened up a sizable lead in the B final and ended the day in 5th and 6th.  The A final came down to another photo finish between Southem and Strable.

Garrott and Brian in the Men’s B Final


Garrott was not 100%, so he sat out the team sprint.  Brian was able to find a partner, and Brian put in impressive splits.  Brian and Thovar ended up fifth.

Brian Gregg - “It was a very fun race today and the organizers and volunteers did a great job preparing the course.  I was bummed that Kuzzy wasn’t feeling well this morning; the team sprint is something we have been looking forward to all summer.  It was great to meet up and race with local athlete Thovar and still be competitive in the race.”

Caitlin scrambled and Laura anchored the women’s team classic sprint.  They took the lead on the first lap and lead all six laps.

Laura Valaas- “Thanks to Toko, Salomon and Bryan for fast skis again this weekend.”
Caitlin Compton, Laura Valaas & Bryan Fish after the Team Classic Sprint

Woman's Team Sprint Podium
Bryan Fish- “We put in a high volume week this past week and continue to progress our training.  We have been working more on technique and have been doing a good job getting in aerobic distance and strength.  I’m very happy with our results to this point, but I’m pleased that we are also planning and progressing toward future races this season.”

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