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Ski Review

Wed, Dec  6, 2006 - By Mike Muha

OK, everyone wants (lusts after) the latest and greatest. But sometimes the old and ancient is better. Take this pair of Trak No-Wax Seefeld's: How many self-respecting racers would be caught dead on such a pair of skis?

Yet I spent a happy hour practicing my diagonal stride and even some herringbone in very marginal conditions because of these skis. Would I take my good racing skis out in these conditions. No. There's hardly more than a heavy dusting over the grass, gravel, rocks and sticks. How about some nice waxable skis? Nope - it would have been difficult to wax for the conditions.

But these old clunkers were perfect! I had decent kick and little glide, which meant more time striding rather than doublepoling. I took advantage of that fact to practice getting my hips forward on both gentle and steeper hills.

Cost of these elegant skis? Nothing: A friend had a pair he wanted to get rid of, so I got them for free. Bindings? I had an extra pair from a broken pair of skis.

Head over to your neighbor's garage, the local ski swap, or Play it Again Sams and see if you can score some cheap training equipment. It may get you out on the snow when there's too much snow to rollerski but not enough for "real skis".

Superskis! Able to cross gravel, rocks, and sticks in a single stride!