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Do You Want to Race in the Crystal Opener?

Wed, Nov  8, 2006 - By Roger Putman

Hey Mike,

I hope your season is getting off to a good start.  We have lots of snow here and have all trails open.  Track set is even stellar. 

If you could do me a favor and put our an inquiry as to any interest in the Season Opener here next week, it would help me decide whether to run the event or not.  In as much as there is no pre-registration, I would ask that anyone who plans on coming at least let me know so we can make or decision.  Having the race means closing the trails to our guests so it would take 20+ racers to make it happen. 

Course will be 12-14K, 65% flats, 35% hills.  Fee is just the day trail pass $15.  The fee is good for trail use after the race too.  No frills or awards, just good conditions and accurate timing with the results posted on your site as well as after the race. 

Let's hope for a great winter and for all the events to come off well. 

1-800-968-7686  ext. 4000