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Sun Valley Super Tour

Mon, Dec  11, 2006 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Check it out...

One of the CXC dynamos - Caitin Compton.  Caitlin won today's skate race and had a great classical race yesterday too.  Team CXC was brought to life by Yuriy Gusev and is coached by Brian Fish.  Nice work CXC.

tt sun caitlin compton.jpg

Canada has had some strong results in these races.  It is great to be racing across border more this year.  Here Amanda Ammar - winner of the classical race.

tt sun amanda ammar.jpg

Liz Stephen striding it out.

tt sun liz stephen.jpg

Morgan Arritola took second in the skate race today - about 5 seconds behind Caitlin.

tt sun morgan arritola.jpg

The goal is simply to ski as fast as possible - regardless.  If your skis are bad, you ski as fast as you can, if you feel tired, you ski as fast as you can, if you are in 50th you fight for 49th, if you are in 1st you fight to win by more... Results will come of that, maybe not today or this week or even this season, but fight hard, do each day as well as you can, and you will become the best skier you can possibly be.

Kris Freeman won the skate race today in a sprint.  Yesterday he won the classical race as well.  He put in some good races having just traveled over from Europe and is now facing a tough training week ahead.  Andrew Johnson is on the other hand looking at an easier week this week but will begin a hard block of training starting with the races next weekend.  Andy Newell spent a few days at home in Vermont training and is now in Utah.  Chris Cook is at home in Wisconsin training.  Torin Koos is at home in Washington and will be coming out to SoHo for the races this weekend.  We are in the early season and are quite orriented toward preparing for the bigger races starting with (possibly Russia - now that they have an individual sprint on their schedule) Otepaa Estonia, Davos Switzerland, Changchun China, World Champs in Japan and the final big races of the season the spring Scandinavian World Cups.

Our women - Liz and Morgan as well as Tazlina Mannix (APU and USST) will be heading home after this weekend to settle into a good block of training prior to Nationals.  Their bigger events for the season are the U23 and Junior World Championships.  Kikkan Randall is at home in Alaska training - toward the up coming World Cups and World Champs.

Thanks to the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation for the great races.  They always do a great job with any event.  Thanks to all the volunteers.  SVSEF also had some great results in the junior races this weekend. 

Special thanks to Tom Pomeroy who let us wax in his work shop - great help - thanks Tom.

Our next races will be in Soldier Hollow this coming weekend.  The World Cups will be on this Wednesday and over the weekend.  We'll be watching closely - and training well!

(Vordenberg Images)

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