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Boyne Highlands XC Ski Festival this Weekend

Mon, Mar  8, 2004

The classic race is on Saturday and is a solid 15k. The skate race is a solid 15km on the newer course. Mostly 18' wide power-tilled race. As it stands, weather permitting, two laps for mail and females, and one lap for juniors.

I have some challenging courses, yet not too scary. Two different courses for the two days. I would encourage racers to pre-ski to learn. You know what kind of terrain we have after all!

Saturday afternoon, I'm trying to have a kids oriented event for fun. Sunday we will have a snowshoe tour with camp fire, hot cocoa kind of thing in the afternoon.

Food will be served after the races, $5 for non-racers. This year we are trying to keep it simple and good. Talk to you all soon!

David Austin
XC Ski Manger
Boyne Highlands

Registration forms: Classic and Skate (PDF)