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Christmas Classic Race has Registration Woes

Wed, Dec  13, 2006 - By Joe Haggenmiller

Racers and Racer Supporters:

On behalf of the Christmas Classic Race Committee thank you for your understanding and patience. Our university had the unfortunate timing of an unplanned upgrade in our computer systems, which meant our online registration system has been affected. If you would still like to register and race, we very much want to give you that opportunity. We will keep on line registration open until Thursday at midnight EST, and will not be charging a late fee. If you have tried many times between now and Thursday and the system just is not working properly, as a last resort send an email with pertinent race info to and we'll get you entered somehow.

With respect to meltdown conditions, we do currently have concerns. Although we are optimistic that we may have conditions that are comparable to Wolverine last week, if not better, we would like to avoid generating a lot of bad will. We have currently closed the trail system to preserve the snow that is available. We are also working on the possibility of making snow, but we need weather cooperation, which is far from good. Thus, we have formed a plan to assess our conditions in the late afternoon on Thursday, and look at the possibility of canceling the race Thursday evening if conditions will not allow us to have a reasonable certainty of holding the races come the weekend. Thus, we hope you will be able to adjust your travel plans accordingly. If we do have to cancel, we will be giving folks a full refund in the hopes that they join us again in the future when conditions are up to our standards.

Please check and/or for further updates. So if you were holding out, not wanting to loose your entry fee, and you want to get the best seeding, etc. please register now on-line and we'll take it from there.

Again, thanks for your understanding and patience.

Joe Haggenmiller
Head Coach Nordic Skiing
MTU Athletics
Phone 906-487-2986