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SOHO Super Tour

Mon, Dec  18, 2006 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Freeman, Compton, Valaas.  Habitual Super Tour winners....

Caitlin Compton wins again.  Nice work Caitlin and CXC!

TT soho caitlin compton 1.jpg

Andrew Johnson was 4th and the 2nd US skier - good form is coming...he is ready to set in on a hard block of training.

TT soho andrew johnson.jpg

SoHo scene... two Canadian's in the skate race.  Great having the Canadians down here racing with us.

TT soho can women sh.jpg

Carl Swenson - between Law School finals - takes 6th and 3rd US skier.

TT soho carl swenson.jpg

Para-Olympic Gold Medalist and local super-star Steve Cook.

TT soho steve cook.jpg

The race was held over a short course and the skiers piled up around the loop... great to see all the racers.  I believe we have the talent and certainly the numbers... but we need that talent in numbers preparing at a much higher level.

TT soho torin koos.jpg

Kris Freeman looked strong the whole way.  His hard week of training didn't seem to hold him back this weekend.

TT soho kris freeman 1.jpg

Compton on her way to first.

TT soho caitlin compton 2.jpg

Freeman at the finish.

TT soho kris freeman 2.jpg

Wow.  Laura Valaas dominated.  Laura and Caitlin are both CXC athletes.  Check it out at (CXC Team).

TT soho laura valaas 2.jpg

Koos motoring toward the finish.  Snow fell all day and hard.

TT soho torin koos class.jpg

Andy Newell knows how.

TT soho andy newell dpole.jpg

Kris enjoys winning... but he also enjoys preparing to win.  There is a lot of training behind this kid.

TT soho kris freeman class.jpg

Newell, Koos, Freeman in a tough simi-final.

TT soho simi 1.jpg

Newell and Freeman battle it out in the final with two Canadians just behind them.  Freeman takes it in the final 100m.

TT soho final 1.jpg

No one in the rear view mirror.  Valaas was all alone from the start.

TT soho laura valaas 1.jpg


Kris Freeman will continue training in Utah until the middle of next week before traveling home.  Newell will be in Utah all break.  Johnson will be in Utah almost the whole break.  Koos travels home tomorrow to Washington where he has good skiing.

Nationals are our next stop.

The Tour De Ski begins soon - it should be fun to watch this year... and plan for next year.

There were large fields of racers over the weekend and some challenging conditions.  The Soldier Hollow crew did a great job with the races.  Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers as well as the SoHo crew.

(Vordenberg Images)

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