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Former MI Cup Skier Selected for US XC Ski Team

Wed, Dec  20, 2006 - By Ken Dawson

One thing is for certain, if you associate yourself with a Dawson you better know how to ski.

Aaron Saari who grew up in White Pine, MI, in the heart of some of the greatest cross country had never put on a pair of the skinny skis.  Then he met a young lady named Natalie Dawson and his love for XC skiing began.  With technical assistance from the Dawson’s and equipment rental from Dick Fultz, Aaron mastered the skating technique in a short period of time and participated in several Michigan Races including the Vasa, Garland, and Noque. 

After completing his Physical Therapy education he eventually moved west and we had very little contact.  It was just recently that we heard from Aaron and he thanked us for teaching him how to ski.  It seems his ability to cross country ski was the reason he differentiated himself from all the other PT’s looking to fill the opening as the U.S. Teams physical therapist.  Aaron was hired because the team wanted someone who could ski and understand the physiology of a cross country skier. 

Aaron now lives in Park City, Utah and has been traveling throughout Europe with the US Team.  He hopes to stay with the team until the 2010 Olympics held in Vancouver, BC. 

Aaron indicated he would periodically write an article for and give his insight into the developments of the US Team, pending approval by the US coach. 

We look forward to hearing from Aaron and getting his unique perspective.