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Swix V50L Violet Liquid Kick Wax

Mon, Dec  25, 2006 - By Nick Mahood, SWIX Racing Service

The fantastic skiing conditions in West Yellowstone during Fall Camp give me a great opportunity to try out our new Liquid kick waxes. 

On Sunday after most of the campers had left I head out on the now nearly empty trails for a classic ski on Windy Ridge.  Conditions were perfect to try out the Liquid Violet kick wax, new snow, mid to upper 20’s and great tracks! 

Application of the Liquid kick is fast and easy.  Starting with a clean kick zone, I lightly sanded and then sprayed on the wax in two thin strips on either side of the groove.  Done in 30 seconds!  By the time I walked from the hotel to the trails the wax was dry and ready to go; no corking required! 

The wax quickly proved to be incredible, perfect glide and great kick!  During the ski the only places that the wax struggled to work was as the track glazed up in the afternoon sun.  However, as soon as I stepped out of the tracks and into the powdery snow beside, again perfect kick. 

For the right conditions this and the others in the line look to be awesome products.  When the snow finally flies in New England look to for more product reviews.