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Noque Trail Recieves 15 Acre Land Donation

Sun, Dec  24, 2006 - By Susan Brian

Marquette, MI — The Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) is pleased to announce it has received a large land donation from JM Longyear, LLC.

The land donated by Longyear is 15.01 acres within Marquette Township in the Forestville region.  This plot of land will serve as the main headquarters for the Noquemanon Trail Network’s winter operations.

“We are excited to support the Marquette community and the silent sport’s users”, says Steve Hicks, Longyear CEO.  “This piece of land is perfect for the trail users and it is right in-line with Longyear’s mission to support the community! “, says Hicks.

“This is an essential piece to the puzzle for the NTN”, says John Sonderegger, former NTN president and Longyear board member.  “We have been waiting for a long time to have a place to call home, and now it’s finally a reality! “.  “Our relationship with Longyear is crucial”, says Susan Brian, NTN Executive Director, “ They are wonderful land stewards and are truly allowing us to use their land to the fullest extent for new ski terrain, we are so appreciative! “, says Brian.

The 15 acres of land is located off of Forestville Road which is off of Wright Street within Marquette Township.  This piece of land will serve as the main trailhead for the NTN.  There is a large parking area to accommodate skiers.  There also are new loop trails that have been cut within the past months to accommodate all levels of skier’s from the very beginner to the advanced.  The new loops fall not only on the new NTN parcel of land but also adjacent land that is owned by Longyear.  There is also a new maintenance building on the land that will house the new Bombardier groomers as well as a warm place to change boots this winter.  
The NTN has future plans to also build a lodge within the next year to operate year round.  This lodge will serve as a full-service rental area for skiers, with showers, changing rooms and a great room for people to brown bag their lunch.