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Three All Americans for Great Lakes District

Wed, Mar  10, 2004

Over 400 junior skiers ages 14-19 are participating in the U.S. Cross
Country Junior Olympic Championships this week in Lake Placid, NY. Glen
Lake's CASSIDY EDWARDS, who won last year's classic race, narrowly
missed the win on Wednesday by 13.1 seconds, in 34:02.0 in the 10km race for junior girls 16-17. She joined 2 other Great Lakes District
teammates from Traverse City, JULIA COULTER and CHRIS SCOTT, achieving "All American" status today, by skiing within a certain percentage of the winner's times.

JR GIRLS 16-17 10km
Julia Coulter, TC 7th in 35:34.6
Anna Coulter, TC 34th in 38:02.0
Natalie Dall'Olmo, TC 37th in 38:29.9
Ingrid Fjeldheim, Superiorland 53rd in 40:02.2
Karen Jarvey, Copper Country 70th in 41:59.2

JR GIRLS 18-19 10km
Rachel Robertson, MI Tech Univ 39th in 45:48.8.

JR GIRLS 14-15 5km
Laura Meeker, TC 50th in 19:49.7
Amber Young, Copper Country 59th in 21:47.8

JR BOYS 16-17 15km
Chris Scott, TC 7th in 48:30.4
John Hall, TC 41st in 52:22.1
Morgan Weir, Rapid City 49th in 53:10.4

JR BOYS 18-19 15km
Adam Airoldi, MI Tech Univ 20th in 51:06.5
Chris Miller, MTU 29th on 52:27.5
Dave Siegfried, MTU 33rd in 53:19.0
Matt Allyn, MTU 36th in 53:30.5

JR BOYS 14-15 5km
Keith Helminen, Copper Country 38th in 16:34.2
Jason Carstens, Superiorland 50th in 17:09.1
Jared Cregg, Superiorland 53rd in 17:21.8
Tom McFadden, Superiorland 61st in 19:11.3
Kyle Endicott, TC 62nd in 19:35.0

The freestyle races are scheduled for Friday, with the team relays as
the weeklong finale on Saturday. For complete results, see

 - Sara Cockrell