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CXC Announces the SuperTour Central Grand Prix

Sun, Dec  24, 2006 - By CXC Skiing

CXC FIS Super Tour Grand Prix in the Central Region
4 weeks – 9 races – in only 800 miles
$45,000 total prize money plus $1000 in Central Grand Prix Bonus

Central Cross Country Ski Association and the Organizing Committees of the Capitol Square Sprints SuperTour (Madison, WI), Mt. Itasca SuperTour (Grand Rapids, MN), CXC SuperTour at Telemark Resort (Cable, WI) and the City of Lakes Loppet SuperTour (Minneapolis, MN) are pleased to announce and invite you to participate in the Central Grand Prix.

This exciting series of four consecutive weekends of SuperTour races will recognize the overall male and female winners with a winner’s bonus of $500 cash prize money. Athletes will have to complete every race of the Central Grand Prix in order to qualify for the overall Central Grand Prix title. Continental Cup points system will determine the winners. This series will immediately follow the National Championships in Houghton, MI. Race for 5 weeks on one airline ticket!

With the total amount of prize money over $45,000 Central Grand Prix will bring the best athletes from around the country to display spectacular and outstanding competition.

”We have all types of race courses and combinations of competitions which any athlete will appreciate to race on, from downtown sprints and urban long distance races to north woods 10/15k competitions at historical nordic venues. I invite you, in the warmest terms possible, to participate and be the part of the most spectacular new event mini-series on the national Nordic calendar,” commented Yuriy Gusev – CEO of Central Cross Country Ski Association.

SuperTour Grand Prix Schedule

Jan. 13-14 Madison, WI


Team Sprint F
Sprint C
Jan. 20-21 Mt. Itasca, MN 5/10km C
10/15km F 
Jan. 24-28 Telemark, WI  Sprint F
5/10km F
10/15km C MST 
Feb. 3-4 Minneapolis, MN  Sprint F
30/30 F MST