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Are Elves Rollerskiing the White Pine Trail?

Sun, Dec  24, 2006 - By Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh

Clear blue skies and 45F degrees for rollerskiing the White Pine Trail...Is it REALLY Christmas Eve Day?

With no snow and a beautiful, sunny, and clear day, why not get out and enjoy it, with or without snow?  Ernie, Old Steve Smigiel and Young Stephen Smigiel did just that.  They took off on the White Pine Trail for a Christmas Eve Day rollerski for a LSD 2:48 Hrs./Mins. and 35 Ks.  None of them can remember doing this before.  Is this global warming or what?

It was so nice and unbelievable that Ernie came home and told me that I had to go out for a rollerski.  What started as a one hour rollerski, turned into 2:15 Hrs./Mins. of  a wonderful, solo, rollerski on the White Pine Trail.  I shared it with other Pre-Christmas sport enthusiasts and excited kids with their parents, who were walking, running, rollerblading, bicycling, or skootering on the trail.  Everyone could not believe the Winter (or is it Fall or Spring?) weather with not a cloud in the bluest sky with no wind and 45F degrees.

As for the serious problem of one young 4-year old tricycle rider on the trail, seeing me go by solve his problem and made him a believer.  His parents told him that the modifications to Santa's sleight was that the elves put wheels on Santa's sleigh just like my rollerskis to cross-country skis.  He was convenience when he saw me go by.  He even asked me if I was one of Santa's elves on rollerskis who made Santa's sleigh work without snow.  Sounds good to me as a rollerskier and teacher of kids!!!

As for the rest of you elves on rollerskis, have a Merry Christmas and maybe Santa will bring us snow if we aren't naughty, but nice!

Think snow and wish for snow!