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MI Cup Committee Speaks on Skating Controversy

Fri, Mar  12, 2004

We are a band of dedicated racers who enjoy each other’s company and competition during the season.  The Michigan Cup has developed into a unique ski race series that is highly competitive yet fun and very friendly.  It is sincerely hoped that we enjoy each other’s trust as well. 

We would ask that if you do find it necessary to skate during a classic race that you disqualify yourself by either removing your bib or reporting to the timers at the end of the race.  Another option is to ski in but not cross the finish line and turn in your bib so race organizer know that you are not lost out on the race course.  A finish obtained through illegal means is a finish that is tainted and should not be acceptable to the skater, the other participants and certainly not to the clubs that make up the Michigan Cup.

There has been much discussion about skating that occurred during the Garland Gripper and the Black Mountain Classic.  It is urged that any skier that did skate during either of these two races disqualify themselves by contacting your Team Captain or President who can then notify Ken Dawson and have the result removed from the standing.  Such an admission will result in a DQ for that race only.  The Michigan Cup race is tight this year for both the Team and Individual Championships.  Your help in making the final standings true representations of the competition will be most welcome.

 - The Michigan Cup Committee