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Tour de Ski Has Snow

Thu, Dec  28, 2006 - By Tour de Ski

The Tour de Ski finally kicks off this Sunday at 9:00am (German time) with a sprint event.

The event will take place in the Munich Olympic Stadium, normally used for national and international sport events as well as for big concerts.The Olympic Stadium has a maximum capacity of 75,000.

The first Cross-Country skiing competition in the Olympiapark, at the Coupertin Platz, took place in December 2005 and was organized by the Olympiapark GmbH and the local Ski Club Hochvogel Munich.

The Course

The course is .8 Km for the women and 1.2 km for the men.

Event Web Cam

The Olympic Stadium in Munich has a web cam showing the events in the stadium. You won't see much detail - the web cam shows the entire arena rather than up close and personal with the racers.

Racing starts at 9:00am, or 3:00 am EST (I think...).