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Five All Americans in Freestyle from GLD

Sun, Mar  14, 2004

Glen Lake's CASSIDY EDWARDS plans to win were thwarted again, by only 2 seconds, in the freestyle race on Friday at the U.S. Cross Country  Junior Olympic Championships in Lake Placid, NY. But, she was joined by Julia & Ann Coulter, Chris Scott, and Adam Airoldi, as all 5 achieved "All American" status today, by skiing within a certain percentage of the winner's times.


JR GIRLS 16-17 5km
*Cassidy Edwards, Glen Lake 2nd in 15:53.9
*Julia Coulter, TC 9th in 16:42.2
*Anna Coulter, TC 10th in 16.43.7
Ingrid Fjeldheim, Superiorland 33rd in 17:38.3
Karen Jarvey, Copper Country 53rd in 18:07.0

JR GIRLS 18-19 5km
Rachel Robertson, MI Tech Univ 40th in 19:37.0

JR GIRLS 14-15 5km
Laura Meeker, TC 21st in 17:41.9
Amber Young, Copper Country 60th in 20:33.2

JR BOYS 16-17 10km
*Chris Scott, TC 25th in 29:51.4
John Hall, TC 64th in 31:38.3
Ian Smith, Boyne 75th in 32:48.9
Morgan Weir, Rapid City 81st in 33:18.6

JR BOYS 18-19 10km
*Adam Airoldi, MI Tech Univ 16th in 29:22.9
Matt Allyn, MTU 34th in 31:01.5
Dave Siegfried, MTU 51st in 32:05.3
Chris Miller, MTU 53rd in 32:32.9

JR BOYS 14-15 5km
Jared Cregg, Superiorland 36th in 14:29.6
Jason Carstens, Superiorland 40th in 14:32.8
Keith Helminen, Copper Country 41st in 14:35.6
Tom McFadden, Superiorland 61st in 17:52.0
Kyle Endicott, TC 62nd in 17:52.0

The final races are team relays on Saturday. For complete results, see

 - Sara Cockrell