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Nationals Day one - Classical

US Championships - Photos

Thu, Jan  4, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Nationals Day one - Classical.

Lindsey Weier and Kris Freeman...

tt nat kris freeman class 2.jpg

Kris Freeman won todays men's 10km classical race.


Lindsey Weier.

L weier ol10.jpg

Lindsey Weier won the women's 5km classical.  I was waxing skis and testing for the men's race and so couldn't take shots of the women's race.  Sorry.  These two shots or Lindsey are from Nationals last year and the 2006 Olympics.


Kikkan Randall (here at nationals last year) took second ahead of...

TT laura valaas plac.jpg

Laura Valaas.  Laura was followed by her CXC teammate Caitlin Compton.  Laura doing some hard ski walking intervals here in Lake Placid this summer.

tt nat andrew newell class.jpg

Andrew Newell took second to Kris.  Here he is striding it out in today's race.  Andy trained in Park City over the holiday...

tt a newell vo2 class 1.jpg

Andy doing 5 x 6 minute intervals at Soldier Hollow over the holiday.

tt a newell vo2 class 3.jpg

Same workout... Andy had a wisdom tooth that was killing him before the workout, but one pain out did the other and the tooth was no issue during the workout.  The tooth is out now.

tt nat chris cook class.jpg

Chris Cook took third.  Chris was at home in Wisconsin over break training on similar conditions as todays - thin snow, shallow tracks, and sort of skittery skiing that takes a sort of calm and balance as well as power quickness on the short hills and fast snow.

tt nat andrew johnson class.jpg

Andrew Johnson - as always giving it everything - took fourth.

tt nat lars flora class.jpg

Lars Flora (in Subaru outfit) took fifth.  Zach Violett in the fore-ground.

tt nat torin koos class.jpg

Torin Koos was the fifth USST skier in the top 10.  Nice work by Randy Gibbs - our Continental Cup waxer - on the wax today.

tt nat kris free class.jpg

Freeman never let up.  Never does.


(Vordenberg Images)

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