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Tour de Ski Jury Makes Small Changes to Today's Race

Tour de Ski

Sun, Jan  7, 2007 - By Tour de Ski

The competition for both ladies' and men will be changed somewhat to avoid overtaking situations. The Jury made the following decisions:

  • The first 15 ladies start according to their overall time handicap, the rest in one wave 5 minutes after the first athlete
  • The first 30 men start according to their overall time handicap, the rest in one wave 6 minutes after the first athlete
  • Men race only one lap of 2,5km instead of 3 before heading out to the final climb.

As a result we will have slightly shorter overall distance on the final day but the same climb. Ladies' race will be around 9,4km and the distance for men 11km.

FIS Race Director Jürg Capol comments the situation on the last uphill for the Tour de Ski website. He was just out there on the last uphill together with Vegard Ulvang with their headlamps on. “I am feeling much better after skiing on the final uphill now when it is properly groomed; the grip is really good! It was like an alpine slope 2 days ago and is now much more close to cross country.
Ulvang adds: “We will mark the course on steeper parts using switchbacks so there will be no advantage to use skins.

Therefore the Jury decided to ban the use of any mechanical help like skins tomorrow. But I can assure you that it was a big difference skiing tonight when it's groomed than it was 2 days ago. It was cross country now.” The courses will be marked between 8 – 10 o'clock tomorrow.