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Grabber Hand and Toe Warmers Sponsors VASA

Fri, Jan  12, 2007 - By Vasa

Grabber is proud to support the North American Vasa Ski Race with hand and foot warmer to all volunteers.  Grabber air-activated hand warmers have been around for a long time – over 25 years – without changing much in terms of shape, size, or technology.  After studying the market place and analyzing consumer preferences, Grabber will release a new & improved hand warmer for the 2007/2008 season.  It features rounded edges, a softer fabric, and lasts 40% longer than Grabber’s original mini-size hand warmers.

In other exciting news, Grabber will begin sourcing its primary hand and toe warmers, as well as other select products, right here in the United States beginning in 2007!  Contrary to the current trend of outsourcing to overseas manufacturers, Grabber’s manufacturing partner is actually building a plant stateside to focus on the U.S. market, aid in product development, and support the local economy.

Grabber Warmers are here to help you GET WARMER!  Air-activated, odorless, and easy to use, Grabber Warmers provide long-lasting warmth for all your cold weather activities.  Simply tear open the package and feel the warmth!  Hand Warmers fit neatly in gloves or pockets and last for over 10 hours.  Toe Warmers sport a rounded toe and adhesive backing – just stick ‘em to your socks for 6+ hours of warmth.  The Adhesive Body Warmer is a “heating pad you can wear” – simply remove the paper backing and stick to the inside of your clothing anywhere you need 12+ hours of soothing warmth.

Grabber’s support of the 2007 North American Vasa Ski Race is just a small part of a larger effort to support active lifestyles, outdoor recreation, and the environments in which we live.  Look for Grabber Warmers at sporting goods stores and other retailers in your area, and remember to REACH FOR THE HEAT- GRABBER!