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GLD Marquette Race News

Thu, Jan  11, 2007 - By Nick Baic

From Matt Palomaki Superiorland Ski Club:

The race times are as follows:

Saturday Mass Start Freestyle - 2:00pm (may be changed to interval start depending on race location)
5K - J2 Boys, J2 Girls
10K - J1 Boys, OJ Boys, J1 Girls, OJ Girls

Sunday Interval Classic - 10:00am:
5K - All Classes

Cost is $5 per day for junior or college skiers and $7 per day for adults.

I am going to check the conditions today to see where we will hold the race. We will meet either at County road 510 at the Noque Trail Head (where the Noque Half Marathon starts) or at the Forrestville Trail Head. I believe that directions to both places are posted on the NTN website. If not I can make up a map and send it to you.

Half Noque skiers begin along County Road 510 between Negaunee and Marquette and six miles north of U.S. Hwy 41.

We can meet in Marquette at noon and drive out together if desired.