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2004-2005 Salomon Athlete Force Application

Thu, Apr  1, 2004

Dear Athletes, Coaches and Ambassadors,

Your 2004-2005 Salomon Athlete Force application is now available.

Please visit to download the application. All 2003-2004 members must reapply.

The Athlete Force continues to manage all Salomon athlete/coach/ambassador relationships no matter what ski brand you ski on.

Welcome to the Salomon Sponsorship Pipeline. Each year Salomon Sports America depends on Endurance Enterprises, Inc. to find the top athletes, coaches, universities, clubs and Nordic programs to best represent their world leading products and brand.

Why AF Sponsorship: Best Brand, Best Support, Best Athletes

We have developed the Athlete Force sponsorship pipeline to help increase the level of skiing nationwide by providing the best athletes in the country  with the best support and access to the world's best products.  The Athlete Force pipeline has been instrumental in helping top US athletes, including Rebecca Dussault, Carl Swenson, Kris Freeman, Lars Flora, Andy Newell, Chris Cook, Wendy Wagner, Aubrey Smith, and Kikkan Randall, Make History.  Realize,  Salomon Athlete Force athletes won 8/10 2004 National Cross-Country Championship titles, 2/2 Grand Champion titles and 21/30 podium appearances.

As a member of the Athlete Force your Salomon boots and bindings will be delivered to you directly from France.  You will have early access to the latest and greatest Salomon products.  Special boot fitting, if needed, will be provided as well.  When you make the teams racing at Jr. Nationals, US Nationals, Jr. Worlds, U23, World Championships and the Olympics you will have access to the expertise and support that only Salomon can offer. If you are having problems with your gear we are here to solve them. If you need tips on training we have the people who can answer your questions and will share their experiences of moving up through the ranks. If you have concerns on where to continue your skiing dreams we can offer suggestions. If you have feedback or stories of your own, we are here to listen and share them with others.  We provide you with the resources, staff and support you need to set realistic yet challenging objectives that help you achieve your goals.

 You are here to provide us with outstanding spokespersons and ambassadors for the sport of cross-country skiing and the brands that support you.

 How to Become a Member:

To become a member of the program you simply need to fill out the application and send it in prior to the deadline, April 30, 2004 (you must apply each year to stay in the program). All applications must be sent to: Endurance Enterprises, Inc., 201 S. Wallace #9C1, Bozeman, MT 59715.   All applications must be received by April 30, 2004. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  If you have questions please call (406) 585-2660 and talk to Andy.

 Levels of Sponsorship:  Being that we want only the very best athletes to represent world leading brand, Salomon, we set 4 sponsorship standards and we set them very high. Our 4-tier pipeline rewards improvement.   The criteria and benefits for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze are detailed on the application.

 As a member of the Athlete Force you will also gain special purchase privileges and pricing from many Factory Team sponsors including: Craft clothing,  Rudy Project eyewear , Swix Wax, Toko Poles and Gary Fisher bikes.  The complete sponsorship package at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels will be detailed upon acceptance into the program.

If you do not meet our Athlete Force criteria this season but would like to be part of our program please take the time to fill out the application so we can consider you and keep you in our database.  If you are presently an Athlete Force member but do not need new boot/or bindings for next year please reapply so you can take advantage of our other Athlete Force privileges and services.

 Athlete Force Acceptance:

Each applicant will be e-mailed when we receive your application.  If you are not contacted via e-mail please assume we did not receive your application and contact us before the deadline.  After reviewing all applications we will determine if you qualify and which level of sponsorship we can offer you. We will notify each applicant via e-mail by May 15th, 2004.

 Factory Team:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Factory Team, please e-mail  for further Factory Team information. The Factory Team is designed to support, promote and reward Gold/Platinum Athlete Force members who have shown loyalty to Salomon as they extend their careers in the difficult years for American skiing after college. The Subaru Factory team athletes continue to ski on Salomon Boots and Bindings and Fischer Skis, exclusively.

If you have any questions call or email me.

Make History with the Salomon Athlete Force.

Andrew Gerlach

Endurance Enterprises
201 S. Wallace # 9 C1
Bozeman, MT 59715

406-585-2660 PH
406-582-9550 FX