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The Noque has Snow

Wed, Jan  17, 2007 - By Noquemanon Marathon

The trail committee has reviewed the race course yesterday and has good news. We have 14” of snow in Al Quaal (51k start line) and there is a 6” packed base to Deer Lake (46km). We tried to fully pack from Deer Lake to the Dead River Basin (36km), but the snow was too deep to get that done yesterday.
We have plenty of snow the entire length of the trail to the 5km to go mark. We have made arrangements to haul in snow for the final 5km’s if needed. We are also scheduling a work group for this Saturday to shovel one thin hill at 8km. The entire 51km race is on and we should have very good conditions the entire way.
The forecast is for cold temperatures and more snow from now until race day. We will keep you updated if there are any changes, but everything is very positive.” Double check you're listed on the start list if you have paid online!