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Maybe the Noque won't be Shortened!

Wed, Jan  24, 2007 - By Dennis Whitley

The lake effect machine kicked in (to some degree) right after they made the announcement about the Noque being shortened and now the finish could take place at the Dome after all. A decision will not be made until sometime tomorrow. I have included a news story from my radio station (a Noque Sponsor) WMQT in Marquette:

Mother Nature is toying with the organizers of this weekends Subaru Noquemanon Ski Marathon. The minute that the organizers announced it was likely that the 51-kilometer event would be shortened to 40-kilometers because of a lack of snow in the City of Marquette the lake effect snow machine started up. Now organizers say they will wait until tomorrow (Thursday) to make a final decision on whether or not the estimated 1,400 cross country skiers will ski all the way to the usual finish line at the Superior Dome.