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Subaru Noquemanon & Mbank Half Noque Update....

Wed, Jan  24, 2007 - By Noquemanon Marathon

Wednesday January 24, 2007: We are still planning on a finish at the Forestville trail head. We are still holding out hope for enough snow to get us to the dome and will be planning for both options. However, the Forestville finish seems the most likely.

There are some important issues that everyone needs to be well aware of with a Forestville finish:

  1. This is a brand new facility and it has minimal space and facilities. There is no parking there on race day, except race officials. We need most of the space to get buses in and out.
  2. We will be closing the Forestville trailhead at noon on Friday for Junior Noque participants and volunteers only.
  3. For skiing on Friday, we recommend that you ski at Al Quaal, 510 Trail Head, and possibly the Tourist Park trail head (should be skiable but not raceable by Thursday). You will not be able to park near the Forestville Trailhead after 12:00PM on Friday the 26th.
  4. SPECTATORS! Although we do not have parking anywhere near the Forestville finish on race day, we will be running continuous buses from the Superior Dome to Forestville (every 5 minutes all day starting at 10:00AM). Spectators are welcome and encouraged to ride the bus to the Forestville trail head on Saturday. Many volunteers will also be taking the buses back and forth.
  5. CLOTHING BAG ISSUE! This is very important! We will still be having the bag drop and are working to get the bags to the Forestville finish. However, we may not be able to make that happen and the bags may have to be trucked to the Superior Dome. We recommend that you give extra clothing to a friend who can come in and watch you finish. The friend can give you warm clothes and then you get on a bus immediately back to the dome for warm showers, soup and results.

    This is a very tight area to accommodate 1300+ skiers and 1000+ volunteers and spectators. So we MUST get people out right away. The buses will have the heat turned on high. The bus ride is approximately 10 minutes from Forestville to the dome. We are exploring ways to assist those people who cannot have a friend at the finish to give you warm clothes. We will give you more updates as we develop plans.
  6. The skiing is absolutely fantastic the entire way. Enjoy the trail!