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Another Noque Update

Thu, Jan  25, 2007 - By Noquemanon Marathon

It is official. The race will end at Forestville. Although we received about 2 inches of fluffy snow last night, it is not enough to get all 1400 skiers to the Dome. There are some important issues that everyone needs to be well aware of with a Forestville finish.

1. CLOTHING BAG ISSUE. We ARE going to get your clothing bags to the Forestville Finish Line. We recommend that you find your clothing bag and then board a bus to the Dome for warm showers, soup and results. Busses will be running every 10 minutes from the Forestville finish line area to the Superior Dome.

2. We will be closing the Forestville finish line area at noon on Friday for the Jr. Noque prep and race. For skiing on Friday, we recommend that you ski at Al Quaal, 510 Trail Head, and possibly the Tourist Park trail head (should be skiable but not raceable by Friday). You will not be able to park near the Forestville Trailhead after 12:00PM on Friday the 26th.

3. SPECTATORS. We encourage spectators to come out to the Forestville finish line by taking a bus from the Superior Dome to the finish line. We will have busses running every 10 minutes beginning at 10 am. We can not accommodate spectator parking at the Forestville finish line and will be turning back all vehicles that are not race volunteers.

4. Stop by the booths at the ski expo for updated trail conditions, waxing tips, weather forecasts, and more.

5. The trail conditions are excellent from Al Quaal to Forestville. Enjoy your race day. We look forward to seeing you this weekend.