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McLain Cycle Offers VO2 Testing

Sat, Jan  27, 2007 - By Vasa News

McLain Cycle in Traverse City is now offering VO2 assessments for local athletes. The testing helps both professional athletes and “weekend warriors” determine their current cardiovascular condition, and then develop a sound training program to help achieve improvement with superior results.

“VO2 testing has been requested by our skiing, running and cycling customers, and we’re happy to be the only local store to provide these tests for our clients.” stated Bob McLain, owner of McLain Cycle.

McLain’s utilizes the New Leaf Active Metabolic Assessment System which is the same technology found in Olympic Training Centers and Sports Medicine Clinics. The assessments determine peak VO2 capacity, aerobic base, anaerobic threshold, optimal heart rate training zones, caloric burn rate and caloric requirements. Using this information, McLain’s personal trainers will help establish realistic training goals, implement the program, and monitor performance against the training goal. Metabolic reassessments are recommended to measure progress.

The initial metabolic assessment and performance test take about an hour total.

A personal training program development and explanation of the results are included in the price . It costs $139.99. Repeat assessments cost $49.99. The tests can be performed on a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical trainer.

For more information check-out the McLain Cycle web site at, or contact Bob McLain at