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The Michigan Cup Committee Meets on August 8

Sat, Jul  10, 2004

Summer is here, the solstice has passed, the days are getting shorter which means that winter is on it's way.  Time to relax on the Eastern shore of Higgins Lake at Bob Frye's house and discuss the upcoming Michigan Cup Season.  Team Representatives: Call for directions if you don't know the way - 800-832-2663.

Meeting:  August 8, 10AM


  • Treasurers Report
  • 2004 Season 
    • Medals/Pins/Age Cateogries - OK or not 
    • Brochures - Design & Number okay? 
    • Website - Any Problems? 
    • Great Lakes Marathon Series
  • 2005 Season
    • Rule Changes
    • Schedule

If anyone else has topics for discussion please inlcude them on a copy list to all addressees prior to the meeting.

Discussion items - I have listed some ideas that may or may not warrant discussion.

Was this years season too long or not?  March was pretty warm and wet but fun.

This year XC Ski Headquarters was in first place before the relays and walked away with it after the relays scoring over 5000 relay points.  A record turnout for any ski team on the Mi Cup circuit.  This amounted to an increase of 29% of their point total - Does it put too much emphasis on relays or not?  Should we limit the number of teams that can count for points?

There was an uproar on Classic technique cheating last year which was addressed at subsequent races.  We need to discuss rules and what if anything we want to formally do about enforcing them.  I have attached the current rules.  The only area of concern is skate turns.  On the World Cup they are allowed where the track is not set around a turn then you have get right back into the tracks.  Our races are so sophisticated in terms of either grooming or officiating to insure that proper technique is possible or followed. Hence the question what do we want to do?  Have teams address the issue with skiers?  I really don't think we want to burdent he organizers with another potential greif situation.

The Tentative 2005 Schedule was sent to team representatives.  Garland is back on their preferred date.  Since there are 5 weekends in January there is room for Crystal Mt on Jan 15.  Please review the schedule and come prepared to discuss.  I have also attached the 2006 schedule and as you can see there are only 4 weekends in January so that puts the squeeze on the Highlander.  Perhaps we can have a discussion of how to incorporate all interested race organizers, since they don't come along very often.

Nick - Can you supply dates for the Mi High School Championships?

Crimson Ridge in the Soo, Canada has offered to serve as a backup site for any race cancellation on the Mi Cup schedule - Let's discuss.

Stokeley Creek is also interested in hosting races that don't conflict with the Mi Cup Schedule.

What about sprint races?  Any interest.  The World Cup runs everyone on a 1-1.5 k course on interval starts.  From that group the top 32 move on to the next round with four skiers in each heat, the top two advancing.  Two more rounds cuts it to the final 4 which then race for the top three spots.  Mi Cup scoring would be on time with the fartherest advanced rounds counting first - Finals are places 1-4, Skiers eliminated in Semifinals based on time in semifinals 5-8, Skiers eliminated on quarterfinals based on time in quarter finals 9-16...down to those eliminated in the interval starts based on time in the interval starts.  Any interest - Any interest in hosting?

Does anyone want to host a race on the Noquemanon weekend or the third weekend in February (Presidents Weekend)?

Other racers with ideas, opinions, comments: please have your team representative bring them to the meeting.