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Volunteers Trying to Stay Warm at the Michigan Cup Sprints


Tue, Feb  6, 2007 - By Mike Muha

At the Finish Line
 Bundle Up!
 Joann keeping the scoreboard going. 3x5 cards were blowing everywhere!
The warming trailer. Between heats, the timers would jump into the trailer to escape the sub-zero temperatures and the wind.
But those who go in must come out....
...and out...
 ...and out!
 Racer masters Nick Baic and Pat Brennan tallying up the final results.
Team NordicSkiRacer's Garret Ruffner, building awesome forts while everyone else races! Garrett, by the way, was the youngest racer in Saturday's White Pine Stampede, racing the 10km course!

Hanson Hills Recreation Area, Grayling