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Ski Fest: morning time trial, head-to-head racing in the afternoon

Oct 20-21, 2012

Mon, Sep  24, 2012 - By Eli Brown

Kick off the season with X-C skiing, Ski Swap and a MI Cup race sponsored by the Vasa Ski Club and hosted by Brick Wheels. Center stage will be our 3rd annual ski loop with trucked-in snow from Howe Arena. The Ski Fest will feature:

  • 1st Michigan Cup Race of the season: Time trial in the morning, Head-to-Head racing in the afternoon. Michigan Cup Team points!
  • 2nd Annual XC Ski Swap
  • Vasa Ski Club registration, ski apparel orders, volunteer sign-up for upcoming events
  • TART Grooming Badge purchases
  • Food and refreshments courtesy of Brick Wheels

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday, October 20

  • 3-6 pm: Ski Swap Equipment drop-off (preferred drop-off)

Sunday, October 21

  • 9–10 am:  Ski Swap Equipment drop-off
  • 11 am–1 pm: Time Trial Race (MI Cup)
  • 11–4 pm: Ski Swap, free skiing, course grooming
  • 2–4 pm: Head-to-Head Racing  (MI Cup)
  • 4–6 pm: Ski Swap check out , free skiing

Sprint race, on snow! Michigan Cup racers get a team point for participation in the first ski race in the US in the 2012-2013 season.