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Davos and Beyond

Thu, Feb  8, 2007 - By Pat Casey -

One major goal of this Continental Cup (CC) Team is to gain international experience. Living and training in Europe is different to the point of being hard. Our CC Team World Cup experience in Davos was a perfect introduction into the lifestyle where America meets Europe. Just minutes off the plane Liz, Morgan, and Taz met up with our World Cup team that was returning from a huge weekend in Estonia. (3rd, 4th, 14th in the sprint). 


Pete, Newell, Koos.  Who better to learn the ropes from?

The World Cup team was excited to have some new faces around.  The CC team was just plain excited. Two consecutive weekends of World Cup podiums made the team morale excellent.

The training in Davos was on the best snow that we’ve found in central Europe. Just about everyone in the group does something different every day, but everyone does intervals, strength, speed, and recovery workouts. Every week…

 AJ relay.jpg

The day in-day out grind. It is a job… It is one of the best jobs in the world.

Kris is confident. He is confident that he works as hard as anyone in the world. He is confident that his 15th in the skate race was just the start of feeling snappy. His splits throughout the race show that he is close to being the best in the world. He was top 10 after 13km and he just red-lined it a little too much towards the top of the course. This 15th ties his second best skate world cup result, and he is just starting to feel close. Kris is confident and he should be.

Bird relay.jpg

Kris leading the first leg of the relay. It was reminiscent of World Champs in ’03 with he and Burgermeister at the helm.

World Cups bring a lot of emotions out in people. I couldn’t sleep before either of the races. In part because I was a little afraid of my roommate having night terrors and barking at me again, but the main reason was that I was anxious. I have seen how much work the CC girls put into their training and it worries me to put it out there. It took a lot of courage to ski these races like the girls did.  Thier pacing was steady and mature beyond their years. They had relay teams to ski with the whole way. Kikkan took it out hard and finished her leg in good position for her tag to Liz. Liz held her ground well and finished her leg with 2 Swiss teams a French team. Morgan and Taz duked it out with Switzerland in front of their home crowd.  It was down to the last leg and Taz skied away from Switzerland II. 

  Relay team davos.jpg

The women’s relay team and coaches in Davos. A big thanks needs to go out to the World Cup coaches and techs, Becky, and Kikkan for making this happen.  It was a success all the way around.

It was her first world cup, so at the very least she got that monkey off her back…

She skied great! Her 48th place doesn’t sound amazing, so what was so great about it?

It was a 90.89 point FIS race just 5 days after puddle jumping the Atlantic.

1 minute and 3 seconds faster over the 10km would have earned her world cup points. (just 21 seconds faster per 3.3km loop)

2:00 faster would be top 10!!!

Liz is doing it right every day. She has dedicated herself to this pursuit. She is ALL IN!


Liz treadmill.jpg

Liz doing intervals on the treadmill in Park City.

The CC Team left for our OPA Campaign yesterday.  The group is psyched to be here.  Races this weekend in Oberstdorf, Germany.  Stay tuned...

The World Cup team left for Japan yesterday. We know that they travel well. We’ve been campaigning on foreign soil while the European countries get to do it in their back yards during these World Cups. Japan should level the playing field and we are optimistic.



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