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Michigan Cup participation increases for 3rd year

Wed, Aug  11, 2004

Michigan Cup participation increased for the third year in a row during the 2003-2004 season, according to Carol Muelleur-Brumbaugh, Treasurer of the Michigan Cup. In 2002, the Michigan Cup had 245 paid participants. That increased to 298 in 2003, then to 327 in 2004. Each participant is required to pay $5. Paid participants receive a printed copy of the final results at the end of the season and are eligible for a Michigan Cup and/or Great Lakes Marathon pins.

Michigan Cup participation increases for third straight year

The vast majority of the skiers were part of a ski club or team. Three participants in 2003 were unaffiliated, increasing to six in 2004.

The increase in overall participation was attributed to additional clubs now on the circuit and to better recruiting by clubs. Participation is expected to increase this year, with the addition of a team from the Soo, Canada.