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Swix MB77 Wax: Racing Service Report

Sun, Feb  11, 2007 - By Swix Racing

Swix introduced MB77 this year as a wax for re-conditioning ski and snowboard bases. As we reported in the fall, MB77 also provides a great base for other waxes in the Cera system. Why? MB-77 is actually an Low Flouro (LF) wax with a hardness that falls between LF7 and LF8 plus the addition of molybdenum (BD) for further resistance to snow abrasion. It is in fact an LF BD wax!

Racing Service Director Kevin Sweeney reports:

"MB77 has great dirt repelling capabilities due to BD and flouro, and the BD also works as a lubricant in dryer conditions. It has been used extensively this year as a first base layer under the race waxes. Applied as a base layer, MB77 has increased speed in all speed trap tests I have done this season! The combo of BD and relatively high flouro content make this very durable as well as performing the duties I mention above."